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Business & Manufacturing

Strategically situated in the historic Hudson River Valley in the  heart of the Northeast, Dutchess County supports economic enterprise with a wealth of financial, technical, education, and cultural resources in a setting of remarkable scenic beauty.  Our County takes pride in its:

  • Economic development incentives*, business support agencies*, and forward-thinking local governments - all welcoming new enterprises and facilitating the growth of existing companies;
  • Prime commercial, manufacturing, and retail development sites offering new businesses the widest possible range of locations and customized amenities*;
  • Extensive air, rail, and highway systems accommodating both commercial and commuter needs and providing efficient access to regional and global markets; and
  • Cutting-edge telecommunications that keep local entrepreneurs in touch with a world-wide business network.

Small specialty firms and large multi-national corporations represent the broad spectrum of Dutchess County companies that engage in manufacturing an equally wide range of products. A skilled and experienced labor force is a key benefit for new and emerging firms considering relocation or expansion.

A concerted effort has been made to market the County's assets to a variety of research/development and manufacturing firms. One of the County's most significant assets in this recruitment campaign is its extensive inventory of research-and-development and high-tech manufacturing properties that include raised floor, clean room and data centers along with high capacity water, power, and communications resources.

Further attractions to business development and expansion in Dutchess County include:

  • Utility companies that provide services ranging from free energy audits to extensive renovation and new construction rebate programs.
  • The County's historically high employment rate.
  • A commitment to excellence in education at all levels and the close proximity to world-renowned institutions of higher learning  ensuring Dutchess County employers a highly skilled and adaptable workforce and prepares our children for future challenges.
  • Communities that range from vibrant urban centers to rural villages, all within easy reach of spectacular recreational facilities and world-renowned historic and cultural centers.
  • Dutchess County residential real estate prices that are considerably lower than prices in neighboring counties in the New York metropolitan areas.  Visit the website of New York State Office of Real Property Services for the latest residential median sales prices by county.
  • State-of-the-art health care facilities offering a complete array of medical services to residents throughout the Hudson Valley.

Now, in the 21st Century, Henry Hudson's sentiment more than 300 years ago, "Nowhere have I ever beheld such a rich and pleasant land.", remains a fitting description and tribute to Dutchess County.

* For detailed and comprehensive information regarding business development needs and activities in Dutchess County- including real estate listings, Dutchess County data, business resources, and incentives-  visit the website of the Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC).