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All Hazards Information
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Health Care Facilities and Agencies
Libraries in Dutchess County
Making Your Move Easier
Volunteer Opportunities
Calendar of Meetings and Events
Dining and Lodging
Culture and Arts
Poet Laureate
Tours and Trails
Office for the Aging
Aging News
Office for the Aging Health Insurance Information
Office for the Aging: Help at Home
Home Energy Services
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
OFA Housing
Senior Citizen Housing
Aging in Place Organizations
Senior Citizen Owner-Occupied Property Rehabilitation Program
Adult Care Facilities (Nursing and Adult Homes)
Information and Assistance
Legal Services for Seniors
Staying Mentally & Physically Active
NY Connects
Information for Caregivers
Senior Friendship Centers
Home Delivered Meals/Groceries
Municipal Senior Centers and Senior Activities
Nutrition News and Program Menu News
Education and Counseling
OFA Works for You
Publications and Reports
Resource Directory
Home Energy Assistance/Utility Assistance/Weatherization Contact Information
Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly Program Contact Information
Medicare, MedicAid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Contact Information
Certified Home Health Agencies and Hospice Contact Information
Funded Insurance Contact Information
Licensed Home Care Agencies Contact Information
Respite Care Contact Information
Adult Care Facilities Contact Information
Assisted Living Contact Information
Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties Contact Information
Nursing Home Contact Information
Other Housing Options Contact Information
Chemical Dependency Contact Information
Clinics and Health Centers Contact Information
Dental Services Contact Information
Emergency Alert Services Contact Information
Medical Equipment Loan Closets Contact Information
Veterans Services Contact Information
Emergency Assistance Contact Information
Legal Services Contact Information
Tax Assistance Contact Information
Adult Day Care Contact Information
Home Delivered Meals \ Friendship and Senior Centers Contact Information
Foster Family Care Contact Information
Transportation Contact Information
A Typical Workout: Senior Exercise Program
Find Out More About OFA Exercise Programs
About the Senior Exercise Program
A Matter of Balance
Exercise As You Age
THRIVE60+/Spotlight on Seniors - Archive
Transportation for Seniors
Hudson Valley Regional Airport
Aviation Services, Lease and Rental
Governing Documents
Noise Abatement Procedures
Fee Schedule
Behavioral & Community Health
Annual Reports
Behavioral & Community Health News
2023 Behavioral & Community Health News Releases
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2018 Behavioral & Community Health News
2018 Behavioral & Community Health News
2017 News Releases
2016 News Releases
Behavioral Health Services
24/7 Crisis Services
Mental Health Services
Alcohol & Substance Use Services
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
Contract Agencies
Prevention & Training
Service Providers in Dutchess County
Clinical & Nursing Services
Nursing Services
Clinical Services
Disease Reporting Requirements & Immunization Resources
Communicable Disease
Consultation for Communicable Diseases/BT Exposures
Maternal Child Health Services
Lead Poisoning
Provider Resources
Health Commerce System
Emergent Health Issues
Hepatitis A (Hep A)
Measles - Get the Facts
Environmental Health Services
Food Services
How to Apply for a Food Service Permit
Food Service Inspections
Food Protection
Policy Updates
District Office Information
Food Protection - Not Just Inspection By Richard J. Robbins
Seasonal Facilities (Camps, Beaches, Pools)
Children's Camps
Pools & Beaches
Reporting Requirements for Pools & Beaches
Comprehensive Checklist for Swimming Pool/Bathing Beach Operations
Letter to Temporary Residence (Hotel/Motel)
Letter to Pools & Beaches
Children's Camp Checklist
Reporting Requirements
Camp Inspection List
Laws & Regulations
Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Engineering Services
Engineering Project Status
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Building Permits , Certificates of Occupancy and Lot Approval
Local Laboratories for Water Testing
Well Information
Disinfecting a Well
Safe Drinking Water
Safety - Disease Prevention
Public Water Supplies, Rates, and Capacity Development Program
Laws, Regulations and Codes
Mandatory Health Effects Language (MHEL)
Mandatory Health Effects Language - Inorganic
PSC - Public Water Supplies, Rates, and Capacity Development Program
U.S. EPA Mapping
Countywide Private Well Testing Initiative
Pest Management
Identify the Pest Problem
Decide How Much Pest Control is Necessary
Choose an Effective Pest Control Method
Monitor the Situation
Frequently Asked Questions
Health Data - Statistics & Data Reports
Informational Resources
Flu & Pneumonia
Health Insurance
Poison Prevention
Wellness Resources
Healthy Living Resources A-Z
Disease & Condition
Animal to Human Diseases
About Tick-borne Diseases
Science-Based Responses to Commonly Asked Questions About Tick-Borne Disease Prevention
Rabies & Other Zoonotics
Lice, Scabies, & Bedbugs
Parent Resources
Early Intervention Program
Eligibility & Services
Information for Service Providers
Information for Families
Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council
Preventing Substance Abuse Reports
Public Health Alerts & Advisories
Public Health Emergency Preparedness
Information for Individuals and Families
Information for Healthcare Providers and Facilities
Information for Community Partners
Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)
Services & Programs
Training & Education
Drowning Prevention
Other Training
Vector-borne & Zoonotics
Veterinarian Newsletters
Board of Elections
Budget Office
2024 Executive Budget
2023 Budget
2022 Budget
2021 Adopted Budget
2020 Budget
2019 Budget
2018 Budget
2017 Budget
2016 Budget
2015 Budget
2014 Budget
2013 Budget
County Wide Shared Services Initiative
Financial Updates
Mandate Relief
Archived Budgets 2001-2012
Prior Budgets
Office of Central and Information Services
About Us - OCIS
OCIS Awards
How We Benefit You
OCIS Key Initiatives
Central Services (Purchasing)
Active County Contracts
County Surplus Vehicles and Equipment
Doing Business with Dutchess County
Current Bids
Bidding Opportunities & Vendor Registration
Common Questions About Quotes and Bidding with Dutchess County
Department of Community and Family Services
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
Temporary Assistance (TA)
Child Care Subsidy
Fair Hearings Client Rights and Responsibilities
Low Income Assistance - Forms
Child Support - General Information
Adult Protective Services
Domestic Violence
Child Protective Services (CPS)
Foster Care & Adoption
Family Support Programs
Juvenile Re-Entry
Human Trafficking
Youth Bureau
Family Services Publications and Reports
Summer Employment Program
Report Fraud
Expectations, Rights and Responsibilities
Comptroller News Releases
Government Transparency
Audits, Reviews and Reports
Doing Business with Dutchess County
Taxpayer Checkbook
County Attorney
Department of Community and Family Services Division
Legal Notices
County Clerk
Ancient Document Search
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Veterans Discount Program (FAVOR)
Fee Schedules
Forms and Guidebooks
Mortgage Tax
Notary Public
Pistol License Recertification
Veteran's Vendor (Peddler's) License
Vital Records
County Executive
William F.X. O’Neil - Biography
Breaking Through
Dutchess Reads
Executive Department News
2019 News Releases
2018 Executive Department News
2017 Executive Department News
2016 News Releases
2015 News Releases
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Executive Orders
State of the County
2018 State of the County Address
2017 State of the County
2016 State of the County
2015 State of the County
2014 State of the County
2013 State of the County
2012 State of the County
Annual Report for 2017
Annual Report for 2016
Annual Report for 2015
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Annual Report for 2013
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Annual Report for 2011
Stay Connected
County Executive Town Hall Forums
County Legislature
Appointment List
Board Meeting Minutes
A Message from Will Truitt, Chair
Committee Assignments
Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting Dates
County Legislature Reports
Bob Gorman (R)
Ryan Travelpiece (R)
Michael Polasek (R)
Brendan Lawler (D)
Tony D'Aquanni (R)
Lisa Kaul (D)
Will Truitt (R)
Craig P. Brendli (D)
Barrington R. Atkins (D)
Randy Johnson (D)
Brennan Kearney (D)
John D. Metzger (R)
Lisa Paoloni (R)
Lynne Versaci (R)
Robert S. Faust (R)
Yvette Valdés Smith (D)
Doug McHoul (R)
Nick Page (D)
Chris Drago (D)
Kristofer Munn (D)
Stephen M. Caswell (R)
Faye Garito (R)
Chris Rolison (R)
Andrew J. House (R)
Deirdre A. Houston (R)
Meeting Agendas
Search Resolutions
Tick Task Force
Dutchess County Legislature News
2019 News Releases
2018 News Releases
2017 News Releases
2016 News Releases
2015 News Releases
2014 News Releases
2013 News Releases
2012 News Releases
2011 News Releases
2010 News Releases
Criminal Justice Council
Criminal Justice Council Members
Operational Overview
Meeting Minutes
Reports and Data
Dutchess County Justice and Transition Center
Law Enforcement Center
Dutchess County Justice and Transition Development Process
External Advisory Group
Special Populations Workgroup
Justice and Transition Center Questions and Answers
Connect with the Justice and Transition Center
Department of Motor Vehicles
District Attorney
District Attorney News
Domestic Violence
Victims of Crime
Dutchess Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation (DTASC)
Board Members
DTASC Annual Reports
DTASC Performance Goals
DTASC Budgets
DTASC Meeting Minutes
Emergency Response
9-1-1 Emergency Services
What is 9-1-1?
Benefits of 9-1-1
Calling 9-1-1
What is Enhanced 9-1-1?
ER E-9-1-1 Sign Law
Enhanced 9-1-1 Oversight Board
Common Questions About 9-1-1
Cellular Phones & 9-1-1
Citizen’s Preparedness Training
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Citizen’s Advisory Committee on EMS
Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)
Training and Seminars
Fire and Rescue Division
Fire Police Response Team
Hazardous Materials Response Team
Juvenile Firesetter (J-FIRE) Program
EMS Mutual Aid Plan for Dutchess County
Fire Coordinator
Fire Investigation Division
Fire Safety
Frequently Asked Questions
Links to Other Emergency Response Sites
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Public Alerts
Seasonal Preparedness
Seasonal Preparedness - Autumn
Seasonal Preparedness - Spring/Summer
Seasonal Preparedness - Winter
Storm Preparedness
Storm Preparedness - Hurricanes
Storm Preparedness - Floods
Family Emergency Plan and Supplies
Pet Planning
Volunteer/Career Opportunities
Emergency Preparedness
Frequently Asked Questions
Real Estate Tax Auction
Tax Rolls
Tax Collector Calendar
Hotel Occupancy Tax
Sales Tax
Department of History
Dutchess County Government History Exhibit
Directory of Municipal Historians & Historical Societies
The Nelson House Park Exhibit
A Brief History of Dutchess County
History Programs
History Links
County Sheriff Exhibit
Dutchess History Community Events Calendar
Human Resources
Civil Service Forms
Civil Service Information
CSEA Paid Family Leave (PFL) Policy and Forms
Employee Contracts and Labor Agreements
Current Employee Resources
Diversity & Inclusion
Dutchess County Rules
Employee Benefits/NFP Solutions
Employee Forms
Employee Safety
Examinations and Eligible Lists
Exams and Recruitment
General Exam Information
New Employee
Office of Risk Management
Physical Fitness Test Manuals
Rules for the Classified Civil Service of Dutchess County
User Agencies and Municipalities
Commission on Human Rights
100 Cups of Coffee
Commission on Human Rights Annual Reports
Hate Crimes Task Force
Purpose of Commission on Human Rights
Independent Reapportionment Commission
Independent Reapportionment Commission Meeting Minutes and Public Comments
Independent Reapportionment Commission Members
Independent Reapportionment Commission - Reports
IRC Memos to the County Legislature
Local Laws
Independent Reapportionment Commission Meetings and Hearings
IRC Final Plan
Dutchess County Justice and Transition Center
Bail and Bonds
FOIL Requests
General Visitation Rules for the Dutchess County Jail
Incarcerated Individual Correspondence
Incarcerated Individual's Funds and Commissary
Incarcerated Individual Mental Health
Incarcerated individual Programs and R.E.S.T.A.R.T.
New York Sheriff's Victim's Hotline
Property Drop-off and Pick-up
Sex Offender Registry
Medical Examiner
Information for Families
Information for Physicians
Procedure for Reporting Deaths
Parks (Public Works)
Brochures and Maps
Bowdoin Park
Bowdoin Park Rental Facilities
Directions and Parking - William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail
Trail Rules - William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail
Trail Map - William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail
History of the William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail
Frequently Asked Questions - Dutchess County's Linear Park System
Support Dutchess County’s Linear Park System
Educational Programs Overview
Harlem Valley Rail Trail
Park Fee Schedules
Public Programs
Quiet Cove Riverfront Park
School Programs
Scout Programs
Summer Concert Series
Wilcox Park
Wilcox Park Rental Facilities
Parks and Trails
Parks Master Plan
Planning & Development
Agricultural Districts
Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan
Agricultural Infographic
Agricultural Navigator
Agricultural Plan and Actions
Agricultural Resources
Agricultural Resource Inventory
Dutchess County Right-to-Farm Law
Partnership for Manageable Growth
Boards & Committees
Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board
Agricultural Advisory Committee
Continuum of Care
Dutchess County Planning Board
Dutchess County Planning Federation
Previous Short Course Presentations
Centers & Greenspaces
Decennial Census
2010 Census
2010 Census Demographic Profiles by County and Municipality
2000 Decennial Census
American Community Survey
2017 American Community Survey 1 Year Estimate
2016 American Community Survey 1 Year Estimate
2015 American Community Survey 1 Year Estimate
2014 American Community Survey 1 Year Estimate
2013 - 2017 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2013 ACS 1-Year Estimates
2012 - 2016 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2012 ACS 1-Year Estimates
2011 - 2015 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2010 - 2014 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2009 - 2013 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2008 - 2012 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2007 - 2011 ACS 5-Year Estimates
2006 - 2010 ACS 5-Year Estimates
HMIS Homeless Data
Rental Housing Survey
Major Project
Traffic Counts
Agricultural Data
Building Permits
Development and Planning
Greenway Connections and Guides
Greenway Connections Sourcebook
Greenway Guides
Municipal NYS GML 239 Referrals
Climate Smart Communities
Dutchess Goes Green
Natural Resources Inventory
State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)
Planning - Forms
Funding Opportunities
Agency Partner Grant Program
Community Development Block Grant
Municipal Investment Grant Program
Other Calls for Projects
Partnership for Manageable Growth
Senior Rehabilitation
Transportation Alternatives Program
HOME Investment Partnership Program
Local, Regional, State, and National Resources
Mapping & Applications
HUD Eligibility Tool
Municipal Zoning Maps
Publications & Studies
Plan On It eNewsletters
Greenway Connections
Office of Probation and Community Corrections
About Us - Probation
Locations and Hours
Probation Publications and Reports
Frequently Asked Questions
Public Defender
Frequently Asked Questions
Know Your Rights
Dutchess County Public Transit
Dutchess Tracker
How to Ride
Public Transit Forms
How to Ride
Lost and Found
Park and Ride Lots
Projects & Planning
Public Records Request
Public Transit Alerts
Rider Resources
Title VI Civil Rights Program
Youth & College Fares
Public Works
Buildings Division
About Us - Highway
Highway Work Permit Policy
Annual Pavement Management Program
Highway Garage and Auto Center
Public Works Forms
Department of Public Works News
2018 Public Works News
2017 Public Works News
2016 Public Works News Releases
2015 Public Works News Releases
Real Property Tax Service Agency
Current Assessment Rolls in Dutchess County
Exemption Information
Equalization Rate Information
Frequently Asked Questions
NYS Department of Taxation and Finance - Median Sale Price
Price List - Real Property Tax Service Agency
Price List - Digital Mapping Products
Tax Bill Description
Tax Billing Information
Tax Rates
Latest Tax Rolls
2019 Tax Rolls for Cities, Towns, Villages and School Districts
2018 Tax Rolls for Cities, Towns, Villages and School Districts
2017 Tax Rolls for Cities, Towns, Villages and School Districts
2016 Tax Rolls for Cities, Towns, Villages and School Districts
Third Party Tax Notification
Real Property Tax Service Agency - Forms
Tax Collection Information
Resource Recovery Agency
Sheriff's Office
Civil Division
Small Claims Court
Mileage and Fees
About the Civil Division
Community Policing
Crash Investigation Unit
Crime Prevention
Crime Victim Resources
Detective Bureau
Emergency Services Unit
Get Your Crash Report
Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (HR-218)
Law Enforcement Technology
Sheriff's Office - Mission Statement
Pistol Permits
School Resource Officer
Sex Offender Search/Alerts
Sheriff News Releases
2019 Sheriff News Releases
2018 Sheriffs News Releases
2018 Sheriff News Releases
2017 Sheriff News Releases
2016 Sheriff News Releases
2015 Sheriff News Releases
2014 Sheriff News Releases
2013 Sheriff News Releases
Victim Hotline
Solid Waste Management
Annual Reports
2017 Annual Report
Dutchess County Local Solid Waste Management Plan - Rethinking Waste
Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics Event
Solid Waste Management - Laws and Regulations
License Application
Licensed haulers
Recycle Container Loan Program
Clothing and Textiles
Transfer Stations
Our Mission
Program Accomplishments and Goals
Stop-DWI Planning Board Members
Impaired Driving and Other Alcohol Related Laws
Social Host Law
Penalties for Alcohol/Drug Related Violations
Our Impact in Dutchess County
Traffic Safety Board
Driver Safety
Bicycle Safety
Child Passenger Safety
School Bus Safety
Pedestrian Safety
Disability Parking Laws and Rights
Watch Out For Me Campaign
Traffic Safety Videos
Transportation Council
About the Transportation Council
Transportation Plan
Local Planning Initiatives
Transportation Data
Traffic Counts
Pedestrian & Bicycle Counts
Crash Data
Walking and Bicycling Resources
Walk Bike Dutchess
Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Bicycle Parking
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
Regional Transportation Planning
Transportation Council Publications
Federal Highway Programs
Transportation Council - Additional Links
Veterans Services
Services and Benefits for Veterans
Copies of Military Records
Opportunities & Alerts
Veterans Services Related Information
Water and Wastewater Authority
About the Water and Wastewater Authority
Emergency System Contacts: By Area of Service
Alerts and Advisories
Bid Results
Board and Committee Meetings Schedules and Minutes
Public Authority Law Annual Reports
Mission Statement
Water and Sewer Rates
Sewer and Water Rules and Regulations
Drinking Water Quality Reports
Official Statement - Bonding Information
Enabling Statute and By-Laws
Frequently Asked Questions
Employment Opportunities
Weights & Measures
Secondhand Licensing
Have You Seen Us
Division of Youth Services
40 Developmental Assets
Dutchess County Youth Council
Youth Services Frequently Asked Questions
Division of Youth Services: Helping Our Families Guide
NYS Office of Children and Family Services (NYS OCFS) Grant Funding
Youth Services - Path to Promise
Online Resources for Youth
Youth Board and Coordinating Council
Youth Employment Resources
Document Search Applications
DutchessDelivery Service
Colleges in Dutchess County
Other Educational Resources and Information
Private and Parochial Schools
School Districts in Dutchess County
Elected Officials
Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Services
What is 9-1-1?
Benefits of 9-1-1
Calling 9-1-1
Cellular Phones and 9-1-1
Common Questions about 9-1-1
E 9-1-1 Sign Law
Information Resources
About Dutchess County Government
Charter, Code and Ethics
Contracted Services and Programs
County News
County / Non-County Services
County Fees and Fee Schedules
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping
GIS Applications
Contact Information
GIS Services
GIS Data
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Online Services
Public Outreach
Shared Services
Shared Services provided by Central Services
Shared Services provided by Computer and Information Services
Shared Services Provided by 911 Dispatch & Emergency Management
Shared Services Provided by Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Shared Services Provided by Department of Behavioral & Community Health
Shared Services Provided by Human Resources
Municipal Grant Program
Shared Services Provided by Planning and Development
Shared Services Provided by the Public Defender
Shared Services Provided by the Real Property Tax Service Agency
Shared Services Provided by the Office for the Aging
Shared Services Provided by the Dutchess County Sheriff
Shared Services Provided by the Traffic Safety Board and STOP-DWI
Shared Services Provided by the Division of Public Transit
Shared Services Provided by the Public Works
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