Dutchess County Website Survey

In order to make the Dutchess County website more accessible and user-friendly, we are requesting your feedback. Please take a few moments to complete this brief on-line survey--your comments and suggestions will better help us to serve you.

Navigation, Accessibility & Appearance

  1. I can easily find what I’m looking for on the Dutchess County website.

  2.  Strongly Agree
     Strongly Disagree


  3. The Dutchess County website is visually appealing and has good design.

  4.  Strongly Agree
     Strongly Disagree


  5. For those having a disability or impairment, the Dutchess County website is very accessible.

  6.  Strongly Agree
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Web Content

  1. Please select all of the following sections and features of the Dutchess County website that are important to you.

  2.   All Services Directory
      County Government
      Elected Officials
      Frequently Asked Questions

  3. I am most likely to visit the Dutchess County website to: (check all that apply)

  4.   Get information about a County meeting
      Get information about County services
      Look for job opportunities with Dutchess County
      Find information about recreational events
      Read about current County news
      Find information about property assessment (ParcelAccess) and related information
      Find information about land and legal filings (County Clerk Document Search)
    Other (Please specify in the space provided)   


Accessing the Dutchess County Website

  1. I access the Dutchess County website using the following connection type:

  2.  Dial-Up
     DSL (high speed telephone)
     High-Speed Cable


  1. My browser type is:

  2.  Firefox
     Internet Explorer
     Netscape Navigator



  1. My age is:

  2.  Under 20


  1. Please tell us what could be done to improve the Dutchess County website. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated! If you are experiencing a problem with a specific web page or function on our site, please be exact in describing the web page location and/or error.

    If you would like us to respond to your Comment, please include an Email Address or other contact information in the space provided below.

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  1. Because this is an anonymous Feedback Form, if you would like us to respond to your comment, please include an email address in the space provided below.

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