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Restarting Dutchess

Restarting Dutchess logo“Restarting Dutchess,” is a multi-pronged initiative to effectively re-open the County’s economy and Dutchess County Government operations, while closely monitoring local and regional metrics to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

New York State has specific metrics that must be met and maintained as part of its phased reopening plan “NY Forward,” Dutchess County, as part of the Mid-Hudson Region, continues to monitor the seven metrics and work towards reopening our economy, returning to full government operations, and dealing with the fiscal impacts of the pandemic.

This will be a deliberate process, throughout which we will work collaboratively to monitor our metrics to protect public health, while maintaining clear communication with our community partners, being honest about the risks, and providing support and assistance to propel Dutchess County Government and our local economy forward.

Marcus Molinaro signature
Marc Molinaro
County Executive 

Reopening Metrics & Phases

New York State has established a plan, NY Forward, for the reopening of all counties, which are grouped by region.   Each region must be meet specific metrics before they are given the green light to reopen.   Once approved by the state, reopening will occur in 4 phases.   

Dutchess County, as part of the Mid-Hudson Region, began Phase One reopening on Tuesday, May 26th.


Metric Dutchess County Mid Hudson Region
#1 — Decline in Total Hospitalizations



#2 — Decline in Deaths



#3 — New Hospitalizations



#4 — Hospital Bed Capacity



#5 — ICU Bed Capacity



#6 — Diagnostic Testing Capacity



#7 — Contact Tracing Capacity



Metrics Met 7 of 7 7 of 7
Ready for Phase 1 Opening




Current Status, News & Updates

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