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State Micro-Cluster Zone Guidance

New York State’s Micro-Cluster Zone Strategy identifies clusters of COVID-19 infection and categorizes them into one or more color-coded zones with corresponding levels of restrictions based on severity.

Cluster Zone Restrictions & Address Search Tool

PLEASE NOTE: Cluster Zones are determined and initiated by New York State.

To see the complete list of metrics and restrictions, view the NYS Cluster Action Initiative webpage

The Cluster Action initiative also includes a hot spot zone map where you can look up cluster zone locations by address on the State’s website

Metrics to Enter a Cluster Zone

The State’s website lists current metrics for designating “micro-cluster focus zones” as of December 10. 
Areas are eligible for classification when they meet the following criteria:

Yellow Zone
When a region has 3 percent positivity rate (7-day average) over the past 10 days and is in the top 10 percent in the state for hospital admissions per capita over the past week and is experiencing week-over-week growth in daily admissions.

Orange Zone
When a region has a 4 percent positivity rate (7-day average) over the last 10 days and is located in a region that has reached 75 percent hospital capacity, or is determined by the State Department of Health to have an unacceptably high rate of hospital admissions (the zone designation begin necessary to control the rate of growth).

Red Zone
When a region, after the cancelation of elective procedures and a 50 percent increase in hospital capacity, is 21 days away from reaching 90 percent hospital capacity on the current 7-day growth rate.