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Shared Services provided by Computer and Information Services

The Office of Central and Information Services (OCIS) is responsible for all computer IT services for Dutchess County Government.

Based on interest shown during shared services meetings, the County is pleased to now offer municipalities a range of IT Services from our award winning OCIS. These services include:

- PC  / Server Tech Services
- Network Services
- Software Development
- IT Consulting and Assessments

OCIS is offering these services at special rates to local municipalities.

All levels of government must find innovative and cost effective ways to communicate with the public and keep residents informed about services, events and meetings, timely news, public safety issues and critical advisories.

Dutchess County Government has offered local municipalities the opportunity to incorporate the DutchessDelivery public outreach service into their municipal websites. DutchessDelivery can significantly enhance communications with municipal residents.

Through negotiations and a consolidated service contract, the county can provide this shared service at a fraction of what the cost would be to a municipality.

Based on interest shown during shared services meetings with municipalities, beginning in 2014 the county is offering website development to municipalities by the same county OCIS team that develops and manages the County Website.

OCIS will incorporate advanced features from the county’s award winning Website including:

- Full Content Management
- Public Alerts and Advisories
- Consolidated Calendar
- DutchessDelivery Public Outreach
- Digital Newsletter
- Integrated Map Directions
- Advanced Mapping service to highlight points of interest
- Website Feedback Survey
- Language Translation of all web pages