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Shared Services Provided by Department of Behavioral & Community Health

The DBCH and the City of Poughkeepsie collaborate on the New York State DOH Grant (NYSDOH) funded Lead Primary Prevention program. The program targets City of Poughkeepsie homes in the 12601 area, which the NYSDOH has identified as the zip code with the highest annual incidence of Blood Lead Level (BLL) in Dutchess County. The City of Poughkeepsie Building Department and Section 8 promotes the Primary Lead Prevention Program, referring landlord and managers to training, assisting with disseminating incentives for participation and clearance testing for those that undergo remediation. As part of the Lead Primary Prevention Program, the DCDOH has collaborated with Dutchess County BOCES to manage and run classes in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead Safety for Remodeling, Repair and Painting and Window Replacement.

The Department currently monitors 684 public water supplies. Some local municipalities have created laws that require testing of private wells during real estate transactions. The Department of Behavioral & Community Health reviews the results of these tests, notifies residents of results that may pose a public health impact and provides education and technical assistance to those residents. The Environmental Health Services Division coordinates with the Town of East Fishkill, the Town of Fishkill, and Town of Wappinger to post the results of such testing on the County website.

The Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health (DBCH) is responsible for the Preschool Special Education program. The program provides evaluations and services for children ages three through five who have disabilities that affect their ability to achieve in an educational setting. Approximately 1500 children each year, from every school district in the county, receive evaluations and referrals for special education instruction, speech and motor therapies and counseling in special education preschool programs or at home or in daycare.