Web Feed Help


A web feed is an XML-based document that is used to deliver website content directly to the viewer's desktop.  Web feeds, also referrred to as RSS feeds, XML feeds, or syndicated content, allow software applications to periodically check for specific content updates published to a website.  Applications such as these are commonly referred to as aggregators or feed readers.  Using web feeds, the viewer is automatically presented with updated website content without having to navigate through the site to reach the webpages that contain new information.

There are currently two main web feed formats- RSS and Atom.  To view feeds in either of these formats, you need to have an aggregator (also referrred to as a feed reader) running on your PC.  Aggregators check the web feeds from websites that the user has subscribed to and provide him/her with a current and consolidated view of the website's updated content.

Aggregators can be -


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