Dutchess County Government Consolidated Calendar

The County Government Consolidated Calendar provides website visitors with a type of one-stop-shopping for finding information about meetings, activities and special events scheduled by the departments of Dutchess County government.  Rather than navigating to the webpages of a specific department on our website to view its meeting schedules or other events, you can now use the Consolidated Calendar to view scheduled events for a single department as well as County Government as a whole.

Events scheduled for the day will be displayed on this page and on the calendars within all webpages on our site.  To view the entire calendar with all the details, click on the link at the bottom of the listing of events that's displayed here.  In addition, the entire calendar can be accessed by clicking on the calendar image located in the right column of each internal webpage.

See what's happening today in Dutchess County Government!

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Following are some key features of the Dutchess County Government Consolidated Calendar:

  • ~ The Calendar can display all county government events, or events can be viewed by Department and by event category within department.

  • ~ The user can search for specific events using a “filter” to locate events by subject, date or date-range, public or non-public, or by category.

  • ~ The Consolidated Calendar gives the user the ability to view events in a list-like format as well as the ability to print the calendar as a pdf.

  • ~ Specific events may have related information available posted as an attachment within the event detail.

  • ~ Certain events may be subscribed to using our DutchessDelivery Service.  This means that the website visitor will receive email notification if the event is changed.

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    Last Updated: 7/24/2018