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Forms are a big part of our lives. Although they’re a necessary evil, we’ve tried to make it easier for you by placing many of the County’s forms on our website.  Now you can download them and fill them out when it's convenient for you rather than having to take time out during your busy day to stop by our offices.  Many of the forms still require your signature; please either mail or deliver these to our offices.

On our Dutchess County Forms page we've categorized the various department forms by function- hopefully, making them easier for you to locate on our website.  You'll also find some commonly requested forms under State Forms and Federal Forms and Publications.  Although these are not County forms, we've still provided links to the webpages of the external websites where they can be found.  Click on the appropriate category item in the menu at the left to view a list of available forms along with the following information:

  • Form name that links to either the forms webpage of the originating County department where a description of the form, requirements for submission, as well as the actual form can be found -or- to the webpage of the external website where the form is located

  • Link to the homepage of the County Department where the form originates or where information about the form can be found

Please note, Dutchess County forms are available as PDF documents. This format requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. Click on the Adobe Acrobat Reader icon below to download a free copy of this software.

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