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A Typical Workout: Senior Exercise Program

All participants must fill out and sign the Senior Exercise Program Application (.pdf) and receive consent from your doctor.

Typical Workout Routine

Each exercise is done 16 times, (two sets of 8 each), with a pause and deep breath between each set of 8. All exercises are to an 8 count, (up to 4, down to 8). Everyone counts out loud together.

First - Balance and Warm Up Exercises

  1. Chair Stands- stand from sitting position with hands crossed in front
  2. Chest Stretch- stand and extend arms straight back, clasp hands and pull back and up
  3. One Leg Stand- alternate standing on one leg and then the other
  4. Heel Raise- rise up on toes to count of 4 and back down to 8
  5. Toe Raise- rock back on heels to the count of 4 and back down to 8
  6. Hip Raise (Wooden Soldier) - straight leg, raise foot with foot flexed, then down. Alternate legs, left, right, left, right. March in place like a wooden soldier.
  7. Tandem Walk- one foot directly in front of the other, 20 steps around the circle, then back, don’t look at feet, hold on to chairs for balance.

Second - Leg Exercises - One leg at a time with ankle weights (provided)

  1. Seated Calf Raise - knee bent 90 degrees, slowly raise leg until straight, flex foot, then relax foot, lower leg.
  2. Back Leg Raise - bend forward 45 degrees over chair back, slowly extend leg to back
  3. Side Leg Raise - stand straight hold on to side of chair, slowly extend leg out to side
  4. Knee Raise (Hip Flex) - slowly raise knee to form right angle with calf, then lower.

Third - Arm Exercises - With hand weights (provided)

  1. Forward Fly - arms front and bent (like hugging a tree), move arms back pulling shoulder blades together, then move arms back front to starting position
  2. Upward Row - slowly pull arms upward to shoulders then down
  3. Two Arm Raise - slowly raise arms straight out to side, elbow to front of shoulder then down
  4. Tricep Kickback - elbows bent and back, slowly swing arms back to 4 forward 8
  5. Arm Curls - arms at sides, slowly bend arms up at elbow to front of shoulder, then down
  6. Shoulder Press - arms together in front with bent elbows. Pull arms out to side (elbows still bent) then push up straightening the elbow until a count of 4. Same movement in reverse down to 8.