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About Us

What We Do

The Office of Central and Information Services (OCIS) strives to impact the lives of all Dutchess County residents to create a safer, happier, and healthier county.  We work to empower Dutchess County with flexible technology services that drive high customer satisfaction, productivity, and value.

How We Do It

  • Build an engaged, skilled and dynamic IT workforce that supports the delivery of services.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to deliver the most innovative solutions
  • Deploy and support safe, secure, high-performing leading edge technology 
  • Empower, engage, and energize our citizens


Who We Serve

OCIS provisions technology services for all Dutchess County Government departments, 30 municipalities, and more than 296,000 citizens covering 825 square miles.  Additionally, OCIS supports the local economy through such applications as the Business Registry and ParcelAccess.

How We Are Organized

OCIS was reorganized in 2013 by merging two departments into one, which reduced headcount and improved services resulting in significant savings.  OCIS is comprised of two divisions: