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How We Benefit You

What We Have Accomplished

OCIS serves the citizens of Dutchess County by empowering all departments to work more efficiently, effectively, and securely than ever before.  We have significantly reduced risk, improved system stability, lowered costs, and increased productivity.  We’ve delivered innovative solutions, providing real value and tangible results to our customers, while sustaining a lean operational budget.  


OCIS has aligned its IT strategies with county goals to ensure we deliver on the County’s priorities that citizens care about:   



County Strategic Goal 1: TRUST. Exemplary stewardship of the public trust and resources.

County Strategic Goal 2:  SERVICE. Provide the Highest Possible Quality of Service.

County Strategic Goal 3:  HEALTHIER & KINDER.  Enhance and Maintain Exceptional Quality of Life in Dutchess County

County Strategic Goal 4:  SAFER.  Promote Public Safety and Well-being

County Strategic Goal 5:  STRONGER. Foster a Vibrant Economic Environment