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Surplus Vehicles and Equipment Auction

Dutchess County holds auctions throughout the year, as needed. Vehicle and equipment auctions are typically held in the fall each year. Auctions are conducted online by Absolute Auction & Realty, Inc. (AAR). Register at AAR’s website to receive County auction information, including dates and times.

Surplus equipment

Recycled items that have been declared surplus equipment by Dutchess County are initially offered free to Dutchess County Departments only. Items that are not claimed are then offered free to municipalities of Dutchess County. Municipalities can contact Central Services at 845-486-3670 to receive a list of available recycled equipment and information about how to obtain these items.

Questions & Answers

Can anyone bid in the County auction of surplus vehicles and equipment?

You must be of legal age to register with AAR to bid on our auctions.

What items are offered for sale at the County auctions?

An auction may contain a wide variety of items ranging from furniture, equipment and tools, computer equipment, vehicles and heavy machinery to surplus materials.

Are the surplus vehicles and equipment available for inspection prior to the County auction?

Yes. Times and locations for viewing will be posted on AAR's website. Note: some items may have viewing by appointment only; please follow instructions listed on the website.  For vehicle auctions, prospective buyers may open the hoods and inspect the vehicle as thoroughly as desired; however, we do not hand out keys so that you may start the vehicles. County personnel will start the vehicles ONCE on the day stated on AAR's website. Please arrive promptly at the start time, as items may not be started in the order listed on the website. Due to insurance purposes, cars cannot be put into gear or driven at this time.

Are mechanical problems disclosed for vehicles and equipment offered for sale at the County auction?

Yes. Any known defects (other than obviously visible defects) are noted on AAR's website at prior to sale; however, this is not a guarantee that these are the only defects. The County sells all items and vehicles "as is". No warranty of any type is expressed or implied.

I've purchased an item from the County auction, what do I have to do to receive my item?

To receive your item/s, you must first pay AAR and receive a paid in full receipt (if the item is a vehicle, AAR will issue you the title and keys at this time). They will instruct you to where the item is located and the times you are able to receive your item/s. At the location given to you by AAR, you will have to show a paid receipt to the personnel working there and they will show you where the item is located. Note: items must be removed promptly after payment. "Remove by dates" will be listed on the auction website. Failure to remove items by the specified date may incur buyer storage charges.

How much time do I have to pay for items I purchased at the County auction?

All payments must be made by the time listed on AAR's website. Note: Payment due dates may vary per auction.

Some vehicles at the County auction of surplus vehicles and equipment have "NO TITLE" written in the description. Will a title be issued at a later date?

No. If a vehicle has "NO TITLE" written on the website, you will not be able to register this vehicle. Such a vehicle would only be useful if you intend to use it off road or for parts. If a vehicle has "WAITING FOR TITLE" written in the description, this means that we are in the process of obtaining the title through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV); however, it may take a few weeks before the title arrives.