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Doing Business with Dutchess County

Submitting W-9 Information

Dutchess County requires that all outside vendors receiving payment from the County provide taxpayer information from the IRS. The W-9 Form (.pdf) is required by the IRS to request the taxpayer identification number of any person or entity for payments received as a non-employee.

Direct Payments (via ACH)

Dutchess County routinely prints checks and mails checks to its vendors every Friday. Vendors that enroll to receive payments electronically via ACH will receive their funds sooner than vendors receiving paper checks, and payments are never lost in the mail. Email notification of payments can be enabled so that you know as soon as funds are available.


A. Gregg Pulver, Comptroller
A. Gregg Pulver
Ibis Guzman, Deputy Comptroller
Ibis Guzman
Deputy Comptroller

IRS 1099 Forms

The Comptroller’s Office is responsible for sending out IRS 1099 Forms to independent contractors on an annual basis, as well as providing this information to the IRS.

Forms are sent out by the end of January each year.

Should you have any questions about a 1099 that you have received from Dutchess County, please contact our office.