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Comptroller’s Office Releases Special Report on Dutchess Community College

Published: 4/8/2019

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Karl Schlegel, 845-486-2068

The Dutchess County Comptroller’s Office has completed a special report on Dutchess Community College for the period September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2018. This review came at the request of the Dutchess County Legislature upon approval of the College's 2018-2019 funding request. This funding request included an increase of $1,750,000 from the prior year; even with this increase in funding, the College is projecting a $2,389,959 shortfall in revenue over expenses.

"I recognize the Dutchess Community College as an asset to Dutchess County and its residents. Its social and economic importance to the community is invaluable and it is our goal to help promote its success and longevity,” Said Comptroller Robin Lois. “We hope this special report will assist the College, the Legislature, and the Executive branch achieve greater fiscal balance in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of this critically important institution."

The report makes recommendations on possible ways for the College to lower their costs, and suggests additional options to increase their revenue. The report also recommends greater transparency in reporting for the College, as well as its component units the Foundation and the Association.

The Comptroller’s Office also recommends the Legislature play a more active role with the College, and seek greater and more regular communication with the College and its administration; this includes starting the budgeting process with the College earlier. "It is imperative that the Legislature and all of its members have ample time and sufficient information to make funding decisions, in order to carefully balance the needs of the College with protecting taxpayer dollars," concluded Comptroller Lois.

A full copy of the report, complete with recommendations, is available for download here (.pdf)