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Performance Goals

  • Monitor and review at least annually the payments made under the Master Settlement Agreement, the receipt of those payments by the Trustee, and the application of those payments for the uses intended by the Corporation.
  • Review opportunities to increase the value received from the Master Settlement Agreement payments, and thereby increase the benefit to Dutchess County, by refunding existing Corporation debt payable from the payments under the Master Settlement Agreement or by other means.
  • Annually monitor the performance of accounting, legal, banking and other service providers to the Corporation for quality of services and cost effectiveness.
  • This statement certifies that management has reviewed and assessed the internal control structure and procedures of the Dutchess Tobacco Asset Securitization Corporation for the year ending December 31, 2023.  This assessment found the Corporation’s internal controls to be adequate without the identification of any deficiencies requiring corrective action plans.

View or download our Mission Statement and Performance Measurements (.pdf)