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Pistol License Re-certification

Recertification is required by law. Failure to recertify will result in license revocation and surrender of weapons.

To recertify, you will need to supply your

  • Full name and client ID number (as found on your NYS Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card)
  • Current resident address
  • Date of birth
  • List of all handguns you own (make, model, serial numbers).

If you have a current pistol license issued before January 15, 2013, you need to recertify.

If you received your license after January 15, 2013 you will need to recertify prior to the 5 year anniversary of issuance.


Here are ways you can recertify

On the Web – go to and follow the instructions.

By Mail – download the forms from or visit any New York State Police location

By far, the website is the easiest, most convenient and fastest way to obtain recertification status.