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Veteran Vendor (Peddler's) License

A veteran’s peddler’s license allows a veteran to sell goods along streets and highways within the county of his residence, without having to pay the usual fees associated with a vending license.

It also allows the widow of a veteran to do the same, providing she can provide the below listed information, as well as her husband’s death certificate. 


  1. Must be honorably discharged from a military service and present a DD214 honorable discharge form to prove it.
  2. Have veteran status as defined by the State of New York.
  3. Be able to provide active identification, such as a driver’s license or non-driver ID.
  4. Prove residency in Dutchess County for at least 6 months, either with said driver’s license or by a utility bill, mortgage payment receipt, etc.
  5. Provide 2 identical photos (Our office can take these free of charge.)
  6. Know what he/she plans to sell and the name of the company he/she is working on the behalf of, if applicable
  7. Contact the town or city clerk where you wish to sell your goods. They may have qualifications of their own separate from us.


To Process:

  1. Come to the Dutchess County Clerk’s Office (22 Market Street, 1st Floor, Poughkeepsie NY 12601), bringing with you the above listed information.
    • We will review your information and determine whether you qualify. If you do, we will type up your certificate and take your picture, if necessary. The process takes 30-45 minutes, so please leave your self the time to process.
    • Please try not to come from noon-2pm (due to lunchtime staff shortages) or after 4:30pm (due to office closing procedures).
    • There is no fee for this service.
  2. After the certificate is given to you, you should then go to the city/town clerk where you plan to sell your goods. They will process you according to their office procedure. It should be free of charge as well.  
  3. The veteran’s peddler’s license is a permanent record and does not need to be renewed.  If the certificate is lost, it may be replaced by repeating the above process. The clerk should be informed that the document is a replacement, so that it may be noted on the certificate. Only one certificate may be active at once.