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2010 County Clerk News

Dutchess County Clerk Kendall: Apply for US Passport Before the Federal Government Raises Fees

Published: 2/26/2010

Poughkeepsie...Dutchess County Clerk Bradford Kendall is encouraging residents to apply for their US Passport before the US State Department raises their fees. 

Clerk Kendall stated, “The State Department has notified me that a proposal to raise passport fees is in place and that the fees will rise significantly.”

Clerk Kendall continued, “The US State Department is proposing a 35% increase in fees for passport books and a 20% increase in passport cards.  I and other County Clerks throughout New York State are opposed to these fees.  These fee increases would be the third time the US State Department has raised their fees in less than five years.”

The current cost for a first time US Passport applicant over the age of sixteen is $100.  The proposed fee would see a first time applicant pay $135.  Minors under the age of sixteen will pay $105; the current cost is $85. 

Clerk Kendall concluded by saying, “I strongly encourage residents who are planning to travel or are considering travel plans, to apply for a US Passport before the fee increases take place.”  The Clerk continued, ‘I call upon the State Department to rescind their proposal, and consider other options that will not significantly impact residents who need a passport for business and or pleasure.  I remind the State Department that it was their decision to require a US Passport for customary travel that at one time only required a driver’s license and or state identification card.  To ask residents to again come to the aide of the government is not only inappropriate but it is becoming a chronic request.”

For information on applying for a US Passport, contact County Clerk Kendall directly at, 845-486-2195.