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2010 County Clerk News

County Clerk Kendall Encourages Parents/Guardians to Enroll in TEENS (Teen Electronic Event Notification Service)

Published: 12/13/2010

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Bradford H. Kendall, Dutchess County Clerk

Poughkeepsie… Dutchess County Clerk Bradford Kendall is encouraging parents of teenage drivers 16-18 to partake in a new DMV service, upon which the New York State DMV will notify parents/guardians when their teenage driver has a DMV related conviction, suspension, revocation, or accident.

Kendall stated, “This free service provided by the DMV is a great tool in notifying parents or guardians of their children’s driving records.  Young drivers simply do not have the experience of safe driving habits.  These notifications will allow parents and guardians to work effectively with teens to help develop those necessary habits.”

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of people ages 16-17.

“Research tells us that parental involvement is vital to teens making smart choices when driving,” said state DMV Commissioner David J. Swarts. “The TEENS program is just one more way that parents and guardians can be involved in providing positive guidance to young drivers.”

Under the notification system, DMV will send a letter, acknowledging participation in the TEENS program and indicating that a reportable event had occurred.   The letter will have information pertaining to the ticket, revocation, suspension, conviction, or accident.  DMV will send the notification letter to the address on the parent/guardian’s license or non-drive ID card.

Enrollment forms are available in all Dutchess County DMV offices or available on the County Clerk’s webpage

Clerk Kendall concluded by saying, “It is my hope that when a parent or guardian is informed of this vital information about their children’s driving record, they will use it constructively to encourage safe driving safe habits and prevent any future incidents which could result in serious injury or death.”