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Statement from County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro in remembrance of September 11th

Published: 9/11/2015

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Colleen Pillus


“Today we reflect on those who lost their lives on this tragic morning 14 years ago. We honor the men and women who so bravely responded, and we continue to keep those who protect and serve us, as first responders and in our nation’s armed forces, in our thoughts and prayers.

While we recognize the terror that occurred on this day, we must also recall the incredible feeling of patriotism, compassion, and hope Americans from all walks of life shared with each other in the days that followed. Let us remember, in the midst of such tragedy, the rekindled faith in each other and how truly fortunate we are to be Americans.

Today, we remember those who lost their lives far too soon, as well as those who responded in the face of grave danger in service to their fellow citizens. We give thanks to the members of our own community who continue to serve—as career or volunteer, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS workers—always standing ready.

Let us show compassion to one another, never take our loved ones for granted, and always be grateful we live in this great country. Most importantly, let us never forget September 11th, 2001.”

Marcus J. Molinaro
Dutchess County Executive