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Dutchess County has New, Improved Website
“Our new website and communication tools make getting key information faster and easier for residents," says Molinaro

Published: 8/30/2012

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Colleen Pillus

Poughkeepsie, NY…. Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro and Office of Computer Information Systems (OCIS) Commissioner Timothy Mahler have announced the County’s website,, has a brand new look and great new features all designed to improve county communications with residents. One of the key highlights is the new DutchessDelivery subscription service.

County Executive Molinaro said, “We want residents to be engaged in ongoing dialogue with us, to share their ideas and feedback, and to understand how county government works to serve them. Our new website is one of many tools designed to get the community involved in our decision making process, particularly during these challenging times when the choices are often difficult and we must all reset our goals and expectations in this new economy.”

Website users will notice numerous changes to including:

  • New design that modernizes the website.
  • Innovative “InfoFinder” feature available on each page to help users quickly navigate through the extensive website.
  • “At a glance” calendar feature that highlights county government happenings

The newly reorganized home page is testament to the County’s commitment to open dialogue and communication A section has been dedicated to “County Communications” – both to and from residents. A new Public Outreach component is designed to share information about public hearings, forums and events, educational information, county news and encourage feedback through surveys. More new features and information are on the way in the coming month, including the results of the recent Budget Survey and a new tool that will enable residents to see current statistics and indicators that drive the county’s financial health.

A key component to the County Communications feature is the new DutchessDelivery public outreach service. DutchessDelivery allows residents to receive a broad range of information from the County website and other sources directly through their email, text messages (for alerts and advisories) and social media accounts. Residents can subscribe to Dutchess Delivery and choose the specific topics of interest they want to stay up-to-date about. Topics include:

  • emergency notifications
  • public advisories and news releases
  • meetings notices
  • event information
  • newsletters
  • surveys
  • much more.

“DutchessDelivery allows residents to get the important information they need and want from county government delivered directly to them, in the format they choose, at the frequency they choose. The information comes to them rather than having them seek it out,” said County Executive Molinaro.

DutchessDelivery replaces the County’s previous “eNotifier” service and offers enhanced functionality and many more interest topics to subscribe to. The more than 1500 residents who previously subscribed to the “eNotifier” service have been automatically converted to the DutchessDelivery service.

Last year the County’s social media Facebook and Twitter accounts saw large spikes in usage during the Hurricane Irene and October snowstorm events, as residents were looking for information directly on their smartphones and other devices. “This led us to DutchessDelivery, which offers people a full menu of information direct delivery options so that the information they want will be at their fingertips as soon as it published ,” OCIS Commissioner Tim Mahler said.

Dutchess County Government has been a leading example of counties using information and communication technology as evidenced by the County’s #1 national ranking in the 2012 Digital Counties Survey. “We continue to find innovative and cost effective ways to communicate with the public and keep residents informed,” said Mr. Mahler. “Communication technology is continually evolving and the way people get their information continues to change and we are pleased to be able to adapt to those changes.”

Residents can subscribe to DutchessDelivery on the new  website home page.

Due to the extensive size of the County’s website, the conversion to the new format is being done in phases, so users may notice some pages in the older format. “Please pardon our appearance while we undergo this upgrade,” said Mr. Mahler. The full conversion is expected to be completed over the next several months.

“Be informed, be involved, be part of Dutchess County Government. We are working hard to make it as easy as possible. So take a few moments and check out our great website – and let us know what you think!” concluded County Executive Molinaro.