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New DUTCHESS DASHBOARD Puts County Fiscal Data at Residents’ Fingertips
“The more informed people are, the more they can be part of the decision making process,” said Molinaro

Published: 9/6/2012

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Colleen Pillus

Poughkeepsie, NY… “We are committed to engaging county residents in an interactive dialogue about Dutchess County Government’s budget decisions and priorities; but if we want residents to make informed decisions, they need access to the critical data.   That is why we created the Dutchess Dashboard,” said Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro as he unveiled the newest online tool available to residents at the Dutchess County Legislature’s Budget & Finance Committee meeting this afternoon.

The Dutchess Dashboard, available on the County’s new website, is a ‘one stop information source’ for the public to monitor the key economic and service indicators that impact Dutchess County Government’s programs and services as well as its’ fiscal position. Current county statistics and indicator data are presented in a simple, transparent format.

County Executive Molinaro said, “We will be proposing a budget that will begin a multi-year transformation of county government this fall.  Our Dutchess Dashboard is another tool to engage the public and help them understand county government.  The more informed people are about the data that drives our budget decisions, the more they can be part of that decision making process.”

A wide variety of information, including economic indicators, service indicators, fiscal position information and annual budget information, is available in this easy to use tool. While much of the information can be found elsewhere, the Dutchess Dashboard puts it all together crating a valuable resource for residents. The information is updated as it becomes available to County Budget Office.

“This is an impressive initiative to provide additional transparency for county government,” said Dutchess County Legislature Budget, Finance & Personnel Committee Chairman James Miccio. “The new Dutchess Dashboard is tremendously beneficial for officials and residents, with all of the information presented in an easy to understand format.   With the difficult fiscal challenges we face heading into the 2013 budget process, having this information readily accessible is more important than ever before.”

The following information can be found on the Dutchess Dashboard:

Economic indicators, which provide insight about the health of the local economy, include:
• Sales Tax Payment Receipts
• Hotel Tax Receipts
• Unemployment Rate
• Consumer Price Index
• Foreclosures
• Home Sales
• Median Home Selling Price

Service indicators highlight the current demand for county services and programs. Data includes:

• Social Service caseloads
• Mental Hygiene Helpline calls
• Jail inmate count
• Cost of inmates housed in other jails
• Youth served
• Senior served
• Veterans
• Mass Transportation Trips

Annual budget information, including current and prior year, enable residents to see the base line numbers the County begins the year with. Data includes:

• Total amount of Adopted Budget
• Tax Levy
• Tax Rate
• Tax Base
• State Aid
• Federal Aid
• Budgeted Hotel Tax
• Budgeted Sales Tax
• Interest Earnings
• Number of Authorized positions

Fiscal position information includes:

• Bond rating
• County Outstanding Debt per Capita
• County Spending Per Capita
• County Tax Per Capita
• Constitutional Tax Margin Available
• Constitutional Debt Limit Available