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Annual Report for 2019

To: A. Gregg Pulver, Chairman, & Members of the County Legislature
From: Marcus J. Molinaro, County Executive
Date: February 1, 2020
Re: Dutchess County Executive's Annual Report for 2019

Pursuant to the Dutchess County Charter, filed herewith is the County Executive's written report of the finances of the County and the activities of the Executive Branch of County Government for the year 2019.

I appreciate our continued collaboration with my colleagues in the Dutchess County Legislature, alongside whom we have worked for years to provide the high-quality programs and services the nearly 300,000 residents who call Dutchess County home have come to expect. I proudly submit to you the accomplishments and activities of the dedicated workforce of Dutchess County Government, men and women who daily work to serve our residents. Our partnership has resulted in a robust, dynamic, and innovative county government - one that effectively serves our community in the most efficient manner possible. Together, we look forward to building on our successes during 2020 and continue to lead by example, in both our spirit of cooperation and the positive results it breeds.

On Thursday, February 20th, we look ahead in 2020 with the State of the County Address at 5:30 p.m. at the Culinary Institute of America. We look forward to having you join us as well as we look forward to working with you to maintain our positive momentum throughout the year.

Thank you.