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Annual Report for 2011

Date:  February 1, 2012
To:  Robert G. Rolison, Chairman, & Members of the Dutchess County Legislature 
From:  Marcus J. Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive 
Re:  Dutchess County Executive’s Annual Report for 2011

Pursuant to the Dutchess County Charter, filed herewith is the County Executive’s written report of the finances of the County and the activities of the Executive Branch of county government for the year 2011.

I cannot stress enough the difficult situation the County faces as the lasting effects of a stubborn national economic recession continue. A situation made even more challenging with the depletion of our fund balance in 2011 in order to maintain County programs and services without raising taxes.

In the 2012 State of the County address, I will outline my administration’s plans for enhanced fiscal stability and shared prosperity.  In order for us to attend to the needs and concerns of County residents we must work together to lead with less. We must focus on the important issues; we must be inclusive, bringing all stakeholders into the necessary discussions; we must apply logic to our decision making and we must be fair, always thinking in terms of the greater good. Utilizing these principles, we will strive to achieve economic benefit in our actions as we help businesses thrive, grow and invest in our communities, improve government efficiency in the delivery of core services, and continue to emphasize quality of life for all Dutchess County residents.

I ask you to please join me for my 2012 State of the County address on Tuesday, February 7th 5:00pm at the Beacon High School auditorium where we will begin to address the challenges we face together.