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Dutchess County Executive Sue Serino

At age 15, Sue Serino went to work to help support her family and never stopped. From waiting tables at area restaurants, to managing a local diner, Sue spent years holding down two and three jobs to make ends meet and talking extensively with customers, listening and relating to their concerns. After finding herself a working single-mom, Sue started an in-home childcare business to ensure she could continue to financially support her family while caring for her own son.

Sue eventually began working in real estate where she specialized in helping first-time homebuyers make their Hudson Valley dreams a reality. As a successful small business owner, Sue experienced first-hand the frustration of excessive red tape and over-taxation that hinders economic development. Those experiences propelled her to get involved, leading to time spent on the Hyde Park Town Board and the Dutchess County Legislature before being elected to the New York State Senate.

As a State Senator, Sue spent 8 years representing residents of Dutchess County in Albany. There, she served as both the Chair and the Ranking Member of the Committee on Aging as well as the Ranking Member of the Committee on Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation. During her tenure in the Senate, she stood out as a staunch advocate for seniors and caregivers, especially during the pandemic when she was an outspoken voice fighting to protect vulnerable nursing home residents. She was and continues to be a fierce supporter of New York’s veterans and fought tirelessly for consistent funding for the Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Program.

As a small businesswoman herself, Sue has been a steadfast partner for Dutchess County’s small business community, especially during the pandemic when she made it a priority to fight for employers and employees of industries like service and personal care that were being ignored by the state. She’s never been shy in her opposition of Albany’s tax and spend policies, having voted against multiple proposals that would have provided lawmakers with pay raises on the backs of working families. Sue has also been an outspoken voice for parents and families who were hit especially hard by the pandemic and the state mandates that came with it.

A strong supporter of New York’s law enforcement and first responders, Sue is a leading voice in the fight against dangerous policies that prioritized criminals over law- abiding citizens like cashless bail. Sue is also well known for her work to combat the spread of Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Having lost her brother to suicide, Sue has made eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness part of her life’s mission. In addition, for years she’s worked to increase access to mental health care for Dutchess County families.

Sue and her family have lived in Hyde Park for over 20 years.