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Molinaro Announces More Than $4.6 Million in Municipal Investment Grant Awards
Highest award total in program history, including new focus on fire, rescue projects

Published: 7/22/2022

Poughkeepsie, NY… Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro announced today the County has awarded over $4.6 million in funding for 38 projects through the Municipal Investment Grant (MIG) Program. The awarded projects will promote efficiencies and long-term sustainability, agency capacity and capability, shared services and community development, while ultimately generating savings for taxpayers.

The focus areas of this year’s MIG Program targeted fire and rescue projects that improve agency capacity and capability to respond to fire and rescue operations or function to address health and safety issues.

Other categories prioritized for MIG funding include enhancements to existing municipal parks and recreation areas, community centers, and pedestrian connections; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility improvements at public facilities; planning and construction for the development of new and/or expanded or alternative central water and wastewater systems; general shared services that result in taxpayer savings and efficiencies; and improvements designed to mitigate flooding and improve resiliency to contain drainage.

County Executive Molinaro said, “We launched Dutchess County’s Municipal Investment Grant Program in 2013, and we have funded critical projects in our communities, benefiting children, families, seniors and taxpayers. This year, Dutchess County prioritized fire and rescue agencies to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to respond to emergencies while also protecting the health and safety of our firefighters and first responders. We extend our gratitude to the Dutchess County Legislature for its continued support of the MIG Program. The awarded projects will provide much-needed improvements and enhancements to our local municipalities and fire and rescue agencies.”

Projects funded through the 2022 MIG Program, totaling $4,681,949, include:

Fire and Rescue Projects

Amenia Fire District #1

High-Pressure Breathing Air Compressor System
Project Award: $74,767
Project Description: Purchase of a new breathing air compressor system to ensure the proper and safe refilling of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) cylinders. 

Arlington Fire District, City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department and LaGrange Fire District
Special Operations and Technical Rescue Team Training and Equipment Enhancement
Project Award: $300,000
Project Description: Costs associated with training in advanced structural rescue skills and techniques and rope rescue, as well as rescue equipment.

Beekman Fire District
LUCAS Device
Project Award: $19,000
Project Description: Purchase of a Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System (LUCAS) device which provides mechanical chest compressions to individuals experiencing cardiac arrest, allowing for the best chance of survival when used in place of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Chelsea Fire District
Heavy Vehicle Extrication Kit
Project Award: $70,000
Project Description: Purchase of heavy vehicle extrication kit to be used during rescue operations in a variety of heavy vehicle accident scenarios, including train derailments. The equipment would be shared with other rescue departments via mutual aid.

City of Beacon Fire Department
SCBA and Fire Rescue Protective Gear
Project Award: $89,387
Project Description: Purchase of self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) and turnout gear for the fire department.

City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department
UTV and Storage Shed for Emergency Response
Project Award: $46,000
Project Description: Purchase of a new utility terrain vehicle (UTV) and UTV storage shed for the fire department to use on the Dutchess Rail Trail and Walkway Over the Hudson to expedite response times for emergency medical calls.

Fairview Fire District
Enhance Emergency Response Efforts and Access to Trails, Railways, and Parks
Project Award: $70,000
Project Description: Purchase of a multi-use all-terrain utility vehicle (UTV) with a high-powered pump to aid in firefighting operations along county rail and urban trails and during large-scale community events.

Hughsonville Fire Department
Health and Safety Equipment Upgrades
Project Award: $265,584
Project Description: Critical upgrades to firehouse exhaust mitigation system, purchase of updated self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) for firefighters, and two generators to provide community shelter capability in emergencies at the firehouse’s main building and annex.

Hyde Park Fire Department and Town of Hyde Park
Regional Trail Security and Emergency Response Initiative
Project Award: $94,506
Project Description: Purchase of utility terrain vehicle (UTV) to provide emergency rescue services within the Hyde Park trail system, including 34 miles of trails covering terrain not easily accessible by cars or trucks.

J. H. Ketcham Hose Company
Fire and Rescue UTV and Transport Trailer
Project Award: $40,469
Project Description: Purchase of extreme terrain utility terrain vehicle (UTV) and trailer with necessary accessories to aid in fire and rescue response efforts in areas such as the Appalachian Trail and state and town parklands. The increased mobility provided by the UTV will improve response time and allow for quicker patient transportation when necessary.

LaGrange Fire District
Cancer Prevention
Project Award: $43,695
Project Description: Installation of a new diesel exhaust system, which will help to reduce the prevalence of cancer-causing carcinogens being released into the firehouse.

Milan Fire Department
Critical Upgrades to Lifesaving Tools and Equipment for First Responders
Project Award: $125,354
Project Description: Purchase of battery-powered rescue spreader tool and strut drivers to enable increased efficiency in auto extraction emergencies, as well as the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE), automated external defibrillators (AED), and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) for fire and rescue members.

New Hamburg Fire District
Personal Protective Equipment for Firefighters
Project Award: $92,420
Project Description: Purchase updated structural firefighting gear to replace outdated gear that is no longer National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant.

North East Fire District
Fire Rescue Personal Protective Equipment
Project Award: $94,996
Project Description: Replacement of personal protective equipment (PPE) with the addition of spare units to allow for greater efficiency and preparedness for multiple emergencies that may occur within a short timeframe. 

Pine Plains Fire District
UTV and In-House SCBA Filling Station
Project Award: $107,000
Project Description: Purchase of an in-house, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) filling station, creating greater efficiency, as well as the purchase of a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) which will aid in a safer and more timely response to emergency calls on Stissing Mountain.

Pleasant Valley Fire District
Fire Mill Pump Upgrade
Project Award: $300,000
Project Description: Replacement of the existing fire pump and infrastructure that provides water for fire protection for numerous commercial and residential occupancies.

Rombout Fire District
Replacement of Aging SCBA Units to Improve Rescue Operations
Project Award: $294,863
Project Description: Purchase of self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) with high temperature masks to replace units that are no longer safe to use by firefighters.

Roosevelt Fire District
Firefighting Water Supply Project
Project Award: $182,903
Project Description: Provide equipment upgrades to enhance firefighting capabilities within the fire district and to support mutual aid departments. New hoses and associated hardware will allow firefighters the ability to obtain water from extended distances when it is not readily available, thereby delivering a quicker and more effective response.

Tivoli Fire Company and Village of Tivoli
Tivoli Firehouse Capital Expansion
Project Award: $300,000
Project Description: ADA-compliant and energy-efficient expansion of the reconstructed firehouse that meets state and federal standards and the needs of the community’s growing fire response team.

Village of Tivoli
ADA Compliant Improvements to Firehouse
Project Award: $100,000
Project Description: The funding will purchase ADA-compliant fixtures to ensure that the 4,000-square-foot firehouse expansion is accessible to all. The expansion will provide code-compliant showers for responders and will feature energy efficient fixtures.

Union Vale Fire District
Battery-Operated Extrication Equipment
Project Award: $85,567
Project Description: Upgrade existing extrication equipment tools with battery-powered models to expedite and improve extrication during motor vehicle accidents and emergencies while reducing environmental impacts.

Village of Fishkill Fire Department
Fire Rescue Equipment Upgrade
Project Award: $108,117
Project Description: Replacement of existing self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) with new units, resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness during fireground operations.

Village of Wappingers Falls Fire Department
Improve Efficiency and Safety of Emergency Services
Project Award: $50,400
Project Description: Purchase of gas meters and thermal imaging cameras for rescue vehicles to improve response time, as well as overall safety for firefighters.

West Clinton Fire District
Fire and Rescue UTV and Equipment
Project Award: $165,466
Project Description: Replacement of existing utility terrain vehicle (UTV), vehicle extrication tools and emergency medical services (EMS) equipment, resulting in immediate, consistent and effective emergency response operations.

Traditional Municipal Projects (General Shared Services and Community Development)

Town of Dover
Senior Recreation Center and Town Library Access Improvement
Project Award: $40,000
Project Description: Construction of a concrete stairway with handrails to create a safe connection from the parking lot to the entrance of the town library and American Legion buildings.

Town of East Fishkill
New World Police Software Shared Service Project
Project Award: $150,000
Project Description: Migrate the town’s law enforcement records management, mobile and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system to the County’s New World Public Safety system, which will reduce response times and increase first responder safety.

Town of Hyde Park
Explosive Detection and Tracking K-9 Unit
Project Award: $92,900
Project Description: Reestablishment of an explosive detection and tracking K-9 unit. The unit will work collaboratively with other communities to detect explosive materials, as well as track firearms, ammunition, crime suspects and lost and missing persons.

Town of North East and Village of Millerton
Shared Highway Garage Fencing
Project Award: $141,800
Project Description: Install fencing along the perimeter of the shared highway garage complex, located on Route 22, to provide for added security, as well as install a remotely operated gate controller to permit after-hours access to the site for village highway crews and for the North East Fire District.

Town of Pawling
Water District No. 2 Water Main and Storage Improvements
Project Award: $97,000
Project Description: Replace aging, deteriorating, and non-functioning water infrastructure, including two water storage tanks and 9,000 feet of water main, which will allow for the protection of public safety, quality drinking water, and reliability, as well as improvements to water capacity.  

Town of Pine Plains
Girls Softball Dugouts and Lighting
Project Award: $50,000
Project Description: Construction of lights and dugouts at the softball field at Stissing Lake Park will allow for a greater number of games to be played in a single day, benefiting teams, families and the community.

Town of Pleasant Valley
Accessible and Sustainable Restrooms to Enhance Town Parks
Project Award: $100,000
Project Description: Installation of permanent, accessible restrooms at Helen Aldrich, Bower and Redl Parks. Two of the new restroom facilities will employ composting toilets, reducing environmental impact.

Town of Red Hook
Recreation Park Connection
Project Award: $100,000
Project Description: Creation of a shared-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel between Recreation Park West and East along County Route 79. The path will serve as a critical link in the Village-to-Village trail, connecting the villages of Tivoli and Red Hook through the town’s recreation parks and the Winnakee Land Trust System.

Town of Stanford
Replacement of Swimming Dock System
Project Award: $100,000
Project Description: Purchase and installation of a new swimming dock system to ensure the safety of community members, as well as for continued public use for swimming lessons and recreation, reducing the need for annual welding and repairs.

Town of Union Vale
Godfrey Park Playground Remodel
Project Award: $100,000
Project Description: Replace aging and unsafe playground infrastructure to create a safer, ADA-compliant and inclusive space for recreation among all age groups.

Village of Millerton and Town of North East
Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Preliminary Design
Project Award: $200,000
Project Description: The town and village seek to replace an aging and failing wastewater system with an advanced water resource recovery system, as well as provide the opportunity for future expansion. Grant funds will support the cost of the preliminary engineering design study and will identify technologies to be employed in the construction of the new system.

Village and Town of Pawling
Expansion of Water Infrastructure
Project Award: $200,000
Project Description: Expansion of the groundwater supply system, including the development of several water supply wells, a water treatment facility, and related utility line infrastructure on the Village’s water supply lands to meet existing demands and promote economic development. The expansion will benefit the Village of Pawling and portions of the Town of Pawling, including Pawling High School and Middle School. 

Village of Red Hook
Language Access Plan
Project Award: $42,755
Project Description: Implementation of a language access plan to provide translation services and on-demand interpretation services for non-English speaking individuals to communicate with various Village departments, including a 24-hour interpretation service that can be used during emergencies. The plan also includes the addition of a website application for the Village and library websites which will provide accessibility and inclusive features to assist those living with vision impairment, sensory concerns, and provide language translation.

Village of Rhinebeck
Intermunicipal Resource Consolidation and ADA Accessibility
Project Award: $147,000
Project Description: Purchase of updated equipment for the fire department, including defibrillators and utility terrain vehicle (UTV), as well as ADA accessibility improvements to Village Hall.

In 2022, the MIG Program continues to fund the Dutchess County Drug Task Force and the Juvenile Detective position at the Child Advocacy Center (CAC). The Dutchess County Drug Task Force, awarded $836,347, promotes public safety while saving taxpayers money by providing a shared countywide undercover unit charged with reducing the sale and distribution of narcotics and drug crimes, working in partnership with New York State Police and the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. The CAC was awarded $93,750 to fund the Juvenile Detective, a countywide law enforcement program that provides an array of services (e.g., safety plans, evidence gathering, referrals) during the investigative phase of a sexual or physical abuse allegation. 

This year marks the ninth year of the MIG program which awards grants on a competitive basis to entities with taxing authority (i.e., cities, towns, villages, fire districts, and water and wastewater public authorities) that address the County’s priorities and needs, promote shared services and consolidation efforts, and implement accessibility improvements, with the overall goal of supporting local government efforts to reduce the property tax levy. Since the program’s inception, the grant program has expanded to meet the needs of local municipalities and entities, while also addressing the County’s priorities and initiatives.

The County typically releases the annual MIG application in March, with applications due in early May. Following a review by the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) in May and June, the County Executive announces MIG awards in July, with the project year beginning Oct. 1st. Additional information about the MIG program is available on the grant program’s webpage.