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Sets Legislative Course for 2019

Published: 1/8/2019

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Chairman A. Gregg Pulver
Cell 914-474-0908

Poughkeepsie, NY – The Dutchess County Legislature reelected Legislator Gregg Pulver (Pine Plains, North East, Stanford, Milan) as its Chairman for the 2019 calendar year. This is his second one-year term as Chairman. Pulver was nominated by Legislator Marge Horton and seconded by Legislator Faye Garito. Pulver was lauded for his commitment to the body as a whole rather than one party- in the 15-8 vote.

Pulver’s acceptance speech outlined his 2019 legislative agenda: a redesigned Code of Ethics, term limits, independent reapportionment committee, and a paperless legislature. He explained that although this is a Legislature election year it is not a time to sit back or a time to engage in party politics. He noted, “I believe that we have the composition of Legislators to debate these topics fervently and respectfully- something that cannot be said in many chambers.”

In the midst of his third term in the Legislature, Pulver has developed strong relationships on both sides of the aisle which he credits to getting to know each legislator on a personal level rather than seeing his colleagues through a political lens. At one time, the Legislature was comprised of entirely farmers yet today Pulver is the only full-time farmer. In the vein of our founding fathers, he proudly wears the title of farmer-legislator. He credits learning leadership qualities early-on in Future Farmers of America.

An excerpt from Pulver’s speech reads, “While some delight in being ‘Legislator No’- that has, is and will never be enough. We must collectively and creatively seek consensus. We do not fly banners of one political party but proudly pledge our allegiance to the same flag and one nation. We, Republican and Democrat, legislator, executive and staff work for a more fulfilling today and a more prosperous tomorrow. We cannot be described as callous because our tender heart strings pull us to seek those around us who are in need of aid.”