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Published: 3/7/2019

For More Information Contact:

Chairman A. Gregg Pulver

(845) 486-2103

Poughkeepsie, NY – The Dutchess County Legislature is one step closer to passing a redesigned Code of Ethics and Term limits. They both passed the Legislature’s Government Services & Administration meeting on March 7th unanimously. No amendments were proposed to the Code of Ethics or Term limits.

Chairman Pulver said on the discussion and vote, “once again the Dutchess County Legislature has proven itself to be a body that is capable of tackling big issues. Passing a new Code of Ethics and Term Limits in Committee is a testament to our commitment to good governance. I am looking forward to more discussion on Monday when both proposals are up for final passage.”

Legislative Chairman Gregg Pulver and Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro’s advisory committee spent more than a year reviewing the current County Code, comparing regional codes and ultimately recommended a document that is stricter and more thorough. The Code of Ethics was created to establish standards of ethical conduct for officers, employees, and certain appointed officials to afford them clear guidance as to these standards, and to ensure that county government is free from improper influence so as to assure public confidence and trust.

Amendments to the Code include:

  • Requiring candidates for county-wide office to fill out a financial disclosure
  • Prohibiting elected officials from requesting political work from their employees
  • Disclosing outside income
  • Strengthening the Board of Ethics powers and duties
  • Clear and concise recusal process if a conflict exists

The County Legislature will be considering final passage of the Code of Ethics and Term limits proposals at the March Board Meeting on March 11th at 7 PM.

The Code of Ethics proposal can be viewed at: