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2019 Tick Exhibit

Published: 4/26/2019

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May 14 & 15 10AM–7PM
May 16 10AM–4PM

The Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library and Home
4079 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park, NY 12538 


We are happy to announce there will be manned and unmanned displays as well as the following tentative presentations:

May 14, 2019     1:30 PM          Andrew Evans, Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health

                                                     Tick-borne Diseases in Dutchess County

                             5:00 PM          Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Investigative Journalist and Author

                                                    The Growing and Underestimated Threat of Ticks

                             5:30 PM          Rick Ostfeld, Ph.D., Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

                                                    The Tick Project: Controlling Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases in Our Neighborhoods

                             6:00 PM          Mason Kauffman, President & CEO, US Biologic

                                                    Making New York a Healthier and Safer Place to Live-Public/Private Integrated Tick Management

May 15, 2019    3:30–8:30 PM  Lyme/Powassan Study Conducted - 4232 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park (see below)

                             4:00 PM          Jill and Ira Auerbach

                                                     Cost Burden of Lyme and Prevention Addressing Ticks

                             5:00 PM          Brian Fallon, MD, Columbia University Medical Center

                                                     Lyme Disease and the Brain

                             5:30 PM          Richard Horowitz, MD

                                                     Updates in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Resistant Lyme and Chronic Disease

                             6:30 PM          Kenneth Liegner, MD

                                                     The Disease That Doesn’t “Exist”: Chronic Lyme Disease

May 16, 2019      1:00 PM          Rachel Dildilian

                                                    Timeline of Tick-borne Diseases in Dutchess County

Please consider participating in a study with Dr. Fallon to develop better tests and treatment.  Blood samples will be collected May 15 from 3:30 – 8:30 PM from residents previously diagnosed with Lyme or Powassan Virus at Dr. Horowitz’s office, 4232 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park.  (one-mile north of Wallace Center on Route 9)

Plus as a new addition, the Dutchess County Tick Task Force would like to showcase the artwork of those that use art as part of their healing process during the 3-day event.

For more information on how to showcase your work during the event, please use the following link

For further information, please contact the Legislature at (845) 486-2100 or