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Published: 9/16/2020

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As part of Tick-borne Disease Awareness, the Dutchess County Tick Task Force, together with the Department of Behavioral and Community Health, hosted the 2020 “Be Tick Free!” Media Contest, open to middle and high-school students.  The goal of the contest was for students to learn the dangers of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and create a 30 or 60 second live action or computer animated public service announcement on how to prevent tick borne disease.


Donna Bolner, Legislator from District 13 and Chair of the Tick Task Force, stated, “the media contest allowed young people to experience the positive impact of becoming educators in protecting their local community from ticks and tick-borne disease.”


Arlington High School students, Ahlam Elboukhari and Emmett Brennan were awarded 1st place, Ryan Flynn and Meghan Perch were awarded 2nd place, and Isabella Snider received Honorable Mention and each were presented with a gift certificate courtesy of the Dutchess County Tick Task Force.  To view the winning videos and find out how to “Be Tick Free!” please visit:


Legislator Donna Bolner and the Tick Task Force are committed to efforts in prevention and education regarding negative effects of the tick population.   The mission of the Tick Task Force is to develop long term goals and make recommendations to the Legislature in the efforts of understanding and safely controlling ticks and reducing Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases. 


“With the upcoming fall season upon us, it is important to remain diligent in doing tick checks. Ticks don’t just carry Lyme Disease, albeit that is the most common tick-borne disease, but there are many others including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis. If you, or someone you know, were bit by a tick and show symptoms of illness – see your doctor immediately,” concluded Bolner.


For additional information on ticks, please visit Dutchess County Legislature online at:  


If you would like to be considered for appointment to the Tick Task Force, send your resume to the Dutchess County Legislature, 22 Market Street, 6th Floor, Poughkeepsie NY 12601, faxed to (845) 486-2113, or email the Clerk of the Legislature  In particular, the Tick Task Force is seeking people with medical backgrounds or reasons that require them to be outside on a regular basis (i.e. surveyors, environmental field workers) to participate in this important effort.