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2020 Be Tick Free Media Contest - Dutchess County Middle School & Junior High Students are invited to showcase their video and computer animation skills by entering a tick-borne disease prevention public service announcement in the 2019 “Be Tick Free!” Media Contest.

Contest Requirements - Entries must be:

  • 30 seconds to 60 seconds in length
  • 720dpi or 1080 dpi resolution
  • Original design and creation of the student(s)
  • Uploaded to a YouTube account
  • Accessible through the YouTube link (URL) created by the student
  • Submitted by completing the online entry form by clicking on the Submission Form tab above.

By submitting the YouTube URL for a student's video entry to this contest, the student and their parent/guardian give their permission for the video to be displayed, reproduced, and promoted as part of the “Be Tick Free!” campaign, as well as used by the Dutchess County Tick Task Force and Department of Behavioral & Community Health for educational purposes.

All entries become the property of the “Be Tick Free!” Campaign.

Media Contest Entrants must complete the Online Submission Form on or before 11:59pm May 10, 2021.

A winner from each division (Middle and High School) will be announced in June 2021. Winners will be contacted directly prior to any public announcements.

Prizes and awards will be presented at the June 2021 Dutchess County Legislative Meeting.

To learn how to prevent tick-borne disease and guide you in your contest entry, we recommend the following online resources:








"Be Tick Free!" Poster & Video Contest Winners (2010-2019)

2019 Contest Winners

1st Place

View in a new window on YouTube

2nd Place

View in a new window on YouTube

2018 Be Tick Free Media Contest Winners

"Be Tick Free" by Kevin Desnoyers and Max Wilkinson

"Sally Takes a Hike" by Rachel Priebe and Erin Traut

2017 Be Tick Free Media Contest Winners

David Leino and DeAngelo Abadsidis

For 2016, the contest challenged Dutchess County Middle School and Junior High School students to create and post a video public service announcement as a fun and creative way to learn more about tick bite prevention.

In 2015, "Be Tick Free!" Poster Contest winners, Brandon Chen (5th Grade) and Nathan Ogden (6th Grade) from Faith Christian Academy, were honored with an award presentation by the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health and the Tick Task Force on Monday, May 11th at the Dutchess County Legislature Meeting.

The 2014 "Be Tick Free!" Poster Contest winners were honored at an award presentation at the Roosevelt Farm Lane Trailhead.



2014 Be Tick Free Poster contest Winners





2012 NYS Winning entries:
Katrina Poon/(6th Grade) Unionvale Middle School (left)
Elena Poon/(5th Grade) Beekman Elementary (right)


2011 NYS Winning Entry:
Matthew Hayes/(6th Grade) LaGrange Middle School


2010 NYS Winning entries:
Leona Lau/(5th Grade) Hagan Elementary School (left)

Rachael Ng/(6th Grade) Rombout Middle School (right)