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Miccio: Resource Recovery Reform Cannot Wait Any Longer
Statement from Legislator James Miccio, Chairman of the Dutchess County Environment Committee and the newly formed Resource Recovery Reform Committee

Published: 9/7/2010

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“Today the Dutchess County Legislature will advance a resolution making the Resource Recovery Reform Committee official. This bipartisan committee, which was previously a ‘working group’ of legislators that issued a report a few weeks ago of its finding, will be charged with the mission to explore policy alternatives that will make the Resource Recovery Agency (RRA) operate in a more efficient and effective manner with the overall goal of creating an equitable solution to fund solid waste disposal in the County.

I turn to my colleagues and remind them that this is not a Democrat or Republican issue, rather a Dutchess County taxpayer issue. We must put our political differences aside, work together as well as with experts in the field to determine the best course of action in creating a permanent long-term solution that will address the challenges at our Resource Recovery Agency. As the Comptroller points out in his review of the Agency, there has been a long standing ‘culture of acceptance’ that traverses both political parties’ control of this Legislature. Bickering and posturing will get us nowhere, now is the time for a unified effort.

To that end, Chairman Rob Rolison has asked the Resource Recovery Reform Committee to review and recommend policy initiatives based on the County Comptroller’s report as quickly as possible. Thus this month, in hopes of putting these items on the agenda in October, our Committee will investigate the validity of having an independent review of the RRA’s operations and reconciling monies that belong to the County currently held by the RRA, all while continuing to advocate for a Solid Waste Commissioner who can provide greater oversight to a troubled Agency.

‘Twenty-five years of complacency, nonfeasance, mistakes and lost opportunities’ at the RRA is unacceptable and reform cannot wait any longer.”