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Legislature Seeks Dedicated Professionals and Knowledgeable Citizens to Serve on Boards, Councils & Committees
Chairman Rolison, County Legislators asks residents to lend their time and talent

Published: 5/24/2012

Chairman Robert Rolison (R-Poughkeepsie) announced today that the Dutchess County Legislature is actively pursuing civic-minded individuals who are interested in serving as legislative appointments to various public boards, councils, and committees. In addition to the Legislature’s standing committees comprised of its members, there are numerous advisory committees and boards that rely on citizen participation.

“Dutchess County government is committed to meeting the needs of our community in the most efficient and effective way possible.  In order to be successful in our endeavor, we encourage public participation to provide an independent perspective.  Residents are asked to consider serving in this vital capacity to the people of Dutchess County.  Many find it to be a truly rewarding experience,” said Rolison.


Current committees and boards to be filled are:

·         Airport Advisory Committee

·         Board of Health

·         Child Development Committee

·         Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Small Business

·         Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence

·         Environmental Management Council

·         Fire and Safety Advisory Board

·         Fish and Wildlife Management

·         Forest Practice Board Region 3

·         Soil and Water Conservation

·         Tick Task Force

·         Veteran’s Affairs


Interested persons are asked to send a resume and a brief letter of interest to the Dutchess County Legislature to the attention of Catherine Durland at 22 Market Street, 6th Floor, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, faxed to 486-2113, or e-mailed to