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Published: 5/26/2017

For More Information Contact:

Donna Bolner, Assistant Majority Leader

District 13 – East Fishkill/LaGrange/Wappinger

The Dutchess County Tick Task Force and NYS Senator Sue Serino hosted an Education Panel on May 10th at the Pleasant Valley Fire Department, 1619 Main Street, Pleasant Valley, New York.  The event educated residents from the Hudson Valley and allowed them to develop a broader understanding of all aspects of tick borne diseases, including environmental factors that reduce the spread of tick borne disease and ongoing research relating to tick borne disease.

It is highly encouraged to adopt the following habits when spending time outdoors:

  • Wear light-colored long pants and long-sleeved shirts,
  • Tuck your pant legs into your boots and consider using a repellent for ticks on your clothing and boots,
  • Soon after returning indoors, remember to check for ticks, and
  • You also may want to throw your clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat to kill any ticks that came indoors on your clothing.

Chairperson for the Dutchess County Tick Task Force, Assistant Majority Leader Donna Bolner, commented, "I was so happy to see many new faces during our educational forum this year. Our residents demonstrated their interest in learning more on how to protect themselves and their families against tick-borne disease.  Archiving the presentations allow residents unable to attend, due to commitments, to view what was discussed at the event.  I hope to see even more residents next year when we host an evening educational forum."

Senator Sue Serino, Chair of the New York State Senate Task Force on Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases, said, “With research constantly evolving on the topics of Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases, educational workshops like this play a critical role in ensuring that our community members have the accurate information they need to stay tick-free. I appreciate the Dutchess County Tick Task Force’s commitment to this cause and I thank the presenters for their tireless work in the field and for their dedication to raising awareness throughout our community.”

If you were unable to attend the panel, please view the presentations by clicking on the presenter’s name.