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Dutchess County Comprehensive Countywide Private Well Testing Initiative

The first page of the Private Well Water Test Results lists all the water samples collected and each result is identified by parcel tax map number, municipality, address and date and time collected.

Identify the water sample result you are interested in viewing and click the button located on the extreme right labeled "Test Details". This will bring you directly to the test results for that water sample.

At the top of the page are two additional links:

  • Private Well Testing Data Definitions, which explains the meaning of each field
  • Analyte and MCL list, which is a listing of the analytes tested and their maximum contaminant level

As you scroll down the list of analytes, the results will be listed in the result column and if the result exceeds the acceptable standards a "Y" for yes will be entered into the column named "Failure to Meet Standard". If there is an "N" in this column, then this sample meets acceptable standards for this analyte.

View All Private Well Water Test Results