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Access & Functional Needs Registry

The Dutchess County Access & Functional Needs Registry is a voluntary, confidential list of residents who may need extra assistance, transportation, or a place to stay if a major emergency or disaster required evacuation. 

Registering before an emergency allows response agencies to plan more effectively. If you are eligible, sign up today to help first responders understand any special assistance you may need during an emergency or evacuation.

Your information is confidential and will only be shared when needed with local municipalities, County, State and Federal agencies involved in emergency response efforts in your area.

AFN Flyer
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Who should complete this registry form?

To be eligible for the Registry, you should be a temporary or permanent resident of Dutchess County who also:

  • Needs assistance during an emergency and cannot manage alone and/or needs other people to assist in an evacuation during an emergency


  • Needs first responders to understand any special needs you may have before entering your home to assist you.


How to Submit the Access & Functional Needs Registry Form

You can also pick up a paper copy of the Access & Functional Needs Registry Form at the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response or call (845) 486-2080 to schedule an appointment with someone who can help you complete the application.

For additional assistance or information about the Access and Functional Needs Registry, please call (845) 486-2080.