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Citizen’s Advisory Committee on EMS

Following the recommendation of the EMS Task Force Report in 2018, a Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Emergency Medical Services was established. The committee will increase community awareness of the EMS system and EMS providers in Dutchess County as well as working to identify the benefits, feasibility, and process to establish an Emergency Service Authority in Dutchess County to provide service that is patient centered, consistent, reliable, affordable, and sustainable.

The committee meets monthly and is tasked with addressing long-term solutions. The committee includes two sub-committees working on education for the public and first responders.

Meeting Minutes

Dutchess County Citizen’s Advisory Committee Minutes (2019)

Dutchess County Citizen’s Advisory Committee Minutes (2018)

EMS Task Force Meeting Minutes (2016)


Advisory Committee Members:

  • Christopher Howard, Past Chief, Amenia Fire Company
  • Christopher Maeder, Chief, Fairview Fire District
  • John Mahoney, EMS Coordinator, Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response
  • Timothy Murphy, Union Vale Fire District
  • Devon Navarro, Rescue Captain, Union Vale Fire District
  • Dr. Mark Papish, Emergency Room Associate Director, MidHudson Regional Hospital
  • James Pearson, citizen
  • Dennis Quinn, citizen
  • Dana Smith, Commissioner, Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response
  • Cathi Tegtmeier, Assistant Commissioner for Community Health, Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health
  • David Violante, EMS Director, Arlington Fire District