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Storm Preparedness - Hurricanes

The hurricane and coastal storm season in New York State begins June through November. 

New Yorkers everywhere, including right here in Dutchess County, need to begin taking steps to prepare themselves and their families for this storm season because past history reveals that the entire state, from Montauk to Buffalo, is vulnerable to the effect of hurricanes in Atlantic coastal areas and from extensive flooding if a storm moves inland.

Here are some steps you should take now:

  • Know the hurricane risks in your area. Learn the storm surge history and elevation of your area.
  • Find out what emergency plans are in place in your community and how you will be notified in the event of an emergency.
  • If living in a coastal area, learn the safe routes inland.
  • Learn about local sheltering plans and make plans now on what to do with your pets should you be required to evacuate your home. Most public health regulations do not allow pets in public shelters and most hotels/motels do not allow them
  • Make sure that you have enough non-perishable food, water supplies, and medications on hand.


Hurricane Watch

A hurricane WATCH means that hurricane conditions MAY threaten an area within 24-36 hours. When a hurricane WATCH is issued, everyone in that area should listen for further advisories and be prepared to act promptly.

The Emergency Management Division urges residents in Dutchess County to take the following actions: 

Hurricane Warning

A hurricane WARNING is issued when hurricane conditions are expected in a specified coastal area in 24 hours or less. Hurricane conditions include winds of 74 miles an hour (64 knots) and/or dangerously high tides and waves.

The Dutchess County Emergency Management Division urges residents in Dutchess County to take these actions as soon as possible:

Weathering the Storm