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Education Programs

The park naturalists offer children and adults of all ages an opportunity to experience the natural world first hand. Our programs combine hands-on activities with guided discovery. This fosters a better connection, allowing the lesson to stay with the student long after they have left the park. We have curriculum based programs for schools, scout programs, and public programs offered throughout the year. These range from pond ecology and mammal studies to prehistoric Native American life and basic survival skills.

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New Programs

The Nature Eaglet Program at Bowdoin Park offers an outdoor learning experience for youth ages 5-7 along with their parents or caregivers. Through interactive exploration and play, children will take a closer look at our unique natural habitat at the park, with each class focusing on a different topic. Topics will include discovering our local animal species through the senses, animal food chain discovery, unearthing the park's night-time activity, and learning the park's native story. Each week there will be a craft to take home. Registration is required, $5 per session, per child. Sessions are rain or shine and are held at 10am or 4pm. View complete details and register for each session online.

Mammal Sense
October 6, 2020

This class will explore our local animals. Children will have an hands on opportunity to feel and touch real animal furs and skulls.  The group will also take a short hike around the park to discover animal habitats at Bowdoin, and search for and identify their animal tracks. 

Time for Supper!
October 20, 2020

This class will focus on predators and prey. Participants will take a hike to visit the bald eagle’s nest at the park and learn about their lifecycle through interactive games

Night Time Party Animals
November 5, 2020

This class will look at a day (or night) in the life of nocturnal animals. Through imagination and storytelling, participants will learn about the park's true nightlife. The group will hear old stories and will have the opportunity to create their own story using everyone's imagination.

Prehistoric Life
November 17, 2020

This class will explore the first people who lived at Bowdoin Park. Participants will discuss how Native Americans lived off the land and what they did for fun. During this class, the group will walk to the site of a 9,000-year-old rock shelter and touch Native American arrowheads, which were found at the park.