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School Programs

We offer educational opportunities for children of all ages.  Our programs tend to be hands-on to facilitate learning through experience rather than lecture.  The following is a list of program offerings:

  • Animal Track ID
  • Compass
  • Mammal Studies
  • Map Skills
  • Maple Sugaring
  • Nature Awareness
  • Nature Exploration
  • Pond Exploration
  • Prehistoric Native American Studies
  • Woodland Survival

Program cost is $5 per student. Maple Sugaring and Prehistoric Native American Studies can accommodate up to 60 students.  All other programs have a maximum capacity of 30 students.  These programs can be combined to accommodate larger groups.  A frequent example is the pairing of Compass with Map and Grid.  When this occurs, each class will have the opportunity to participate in both programs.  The cost for such a combination remains $5 per student. The student to instructor ratio in the above situations is 30:1.  For a more worthwhile experience for everyone we recommend bringing 1 class at a time, this reduces the student to instructor ratio to 15:1 which allows for a more in-depth program.

School Program Brochure

If you would like more information or to be added to our e-mail list, give us a call at 845-298-4602.


  • 845-298-4600
  • Parks Department
    Bowdoin Park Office
    85 Sheafe Rd
    Wappingers Falls NY 12590