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Agricultural Resources

*All downloadable files are .pdf*


Agricultural Agencies

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County
  • Dutchess County Soil & Water Conservation District
  • NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets

Agricultural Data

  • Agricultural State of the County 2017
  • Dutchess County Agriculture Infographic
  • “Farm Friendliness” Audit: Review of Dutchess County Comprehensive Plans & Zoning Codes (Coming Soon)

Agricultural Districts

  • Agricultural Districts Law (Article 25AA)
  • 2015-2016 Agricultural District Review Report

Agricultural Plan

  • Agricultural Districts map (2017)
  • Partnership for Manageable Growth Completed Projects map (2018)

Agricultural Maps

Dutchess County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan (2015)

  • Executive Summary
  • Appendices
  • Inventory of Resources (Appendix 11)

Model Agricultural Documents

  • Model Ag Data Statement
  • Model Ag Disclosure Notice
  • Model Modified Site Plan Review Law
  • Model Right to Farm Law