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Complete Count Committee (2020 Census)

Don't wait for an invitation! The 2020 Census is now open. 

Choose to complete the Census online, by phone, or by mail. Find out more about each of these methods below:



What to Expect

It’s easy to do: 

Filling out the form is simple and, for the first time, you can even do it online in 2020. See the questions the Census asks here

The census asks questions that provide a snapshot of the nation. The federal government undertakes this initiative every 10 years as required by the Constitution.

By April 1, 2020, households should have received an invitation to participate (Even if you didn’t, you can still respond!). You'll then have three options to respond: online, by phone, or by mail. The goal is to count people once, only once, and in the right place according to where they live on Census Day, April 1.

It’s confidential:

The information collected by the Census Bureau is confidential and protected under Title 13, U.S. Code, Section 9. All Census Bureau employees take an oath of nondisclosure and are sworn for life to protect the confidentiality of the data. The penalty for unlawful disclosure is a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment of up to five years, or both. 

What’s at Stake: 

Filling out the census is critically important to your community. These numbers will determine:

Based on the latest census estimates, approximately 19% of Dutchess County's current population (or 56,774 people) lives in hard-to-count neighborhoods. In 2010 14 tracts out of 79  (18%) had a response rate of under 73% which will be areas of focus to increase their response rate. 

Self-Response Rates (Map) 

Are you curious about how many people in Dutchess County are responding to the 2020 Census? This map shows our current response rate.  We are trying to beat our 2010 response rate of 71%.

Having issues viewing the map? Open in a new window.

Complete Count Committee

    Tu Cuentas, Se Contado!

Dutchess County has established a 2020 Census “Complete Count Committee” to increase awareness and motivate residents to respond to the 2020 census. The motto of the committee is "You count, be counted!" 

For more information on the committee, please contact 


Meetings of the Complete Count Committee are being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact John Penney at for login information.

Next Meeting Date:  TBD

Agendas & Minutes: 

Outreach Events: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, public presentations about the census have been suspended.

Committee Members

The Census Bureau Needs Workers:

The Census Bureau is hiring for a variety of temporary jobs, including census takers, recruiting assistants, office staff, and supervisory staff. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid Social Security number, and be a U.S. citizen. Find out more about jobs with the 2020 Census.

Additional Resources:

For more information contact: