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Partnership for Manageable Growth

The Partnership for Manageable Growth (PMG) helps protect important agricultural and open space resources. The program provides a locally funded match for land preservation purchase (up to 50% of the total project cost). Since its inception, and including acreage from pending projects, the program has helped protect over 5,000 acres of farmland and open space in Dutchess County.

Map of Completed PMG Open Space/Farmland Projects (Dec 2019) (.pdf)

Protected Farmland

  • Abel Tree Farm: 188-acre Christmas tree and nursery operation in Union Vale
  • Bos Haven Farm: 177-acre dairy farm in Union Vale and Washington
  • Brookby Farm: 49-acre dairy farm in Dover
  • Caora Farm: 79-acre sheep farm in North East
  • Chaseholm Farm: 175-acre dairy farm in Pine Plains
  • Destined Wind Farm: 233-acre transitioning dairy farm in Amenia
  • Duncandale Farm: 168-acre hay operation in North East
  • Fishkill Farms: 266-acre orchard, vegetable farm, and market in East Fishkill
  • Glenmore Farm: 519-acre livestock, hay and dairy operation in the towns of Clinton and Pleasant Valley (408 acres is protected)
  • Great Song Farm: 88-acre diversified farm operation in Milan
  • Greig Farm: 160-acre fruit and vegetable farm in the Town of Red Hook
  • Linden Farms: 234-acre vegetable farm in the Town of Red Hook
  • Locust Grove Farm: 67-acre dairy farm in Pleasant Valley
  • Manne Farm: 38-acre dairy farm in East Fishkill
  • McIntosh Farm: 304-acre former dairy and current hay operation in Beekman
  • Mead Farm: 100-acre fruit orchard and vegetable farm in the Town of Red Hook
  • Mead Orchards: 82-acre orchard in the Town of Red Hook
  • Meili Farm: 115-acre livestock operation in Amenia
  • Pleasant View Farm: 260-acre dairy farm and hay operation in North East
  • Pulver Farm: 172-acre corn, hay, and soybean farm in Pine Plains
  • Silver Ledge Farm: 401-acre former dairy and current hay, beef, and corn operation in East Fishkill
  • Steiner Farm: 228-acre farm in the breadbasket of the Town of Red Hook
  • Sunset Ridge: 182-acre dairy farm in North East
  • Wil-Hi Farm: 16-acre sheep farm in the Town of Red Hook

Protected Open Space

  • Carnwath Farms: 95-acre site overlooking the Hudson River in Wappinger
  • Cider Mill Friends: 1-acre restoration of the historic Kimlin Cider Mill in the Town of Poughkeepsie
  • Forbus Butternut: 1/2-acre surrounding the formerly largest butternut tree in NY in the City of Poughkeepsie
  • Hiddenbrooke: 89-acre public trail system in the City of Beacon
  • Peach Hill: 158-acre former orchard in the Town of Poughkeepsie
  • Rhineson: 72-acre public park in the Town and Village of Rhinebeck
  • Stone Church: 59-acre woodland, naturally-formed cavern, and Stone Church Brook in Dover
  • Young-Morse: 29-acre addition to Locust Grove estate public trail system in the Town of Poughkeepsie

Pending Protected Farmland

  • Dutchess Views Farm: 80-acre thoroughbred breeding and boarding facility in Pine Plains
  • Glendale Farm: 283-acre dairy farm in Amenia
  • Lopane Farms: 153-acre nursery operation in Amenia
  • Scholldorf Farm: 100-acre dairy farm in the Town of Rhinebeck
  • Speeter/Jordan Lane Farm: 156-acre hay and rye operation in Pine Plains

Pending Protected Open Space

None pending at this time.

Active Infrastructure Projects

  • Pawling Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pending Infrastructure Projects

  • Hyde Park Central Sewer District

2020 PMG Requests

Farmland Requests: 

Open Space Requests:

Infrastructure Requests: