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Solar PILOTs Policy

New York State Real Property Tax Law Section 487 exempts solar energy systems from taxation to the extent that the solar energy system would increase the assessed value of the land on which it is placed. However, the law generally states that if the owner or developer of a solar energy system provides notice in writing to a county, town, village, or school district of its intent to construct a solar energy system, then the municipality or school district has sixty (60) days to demand a PILOT (payment-in-lieu-of-taxes) agreement. For more information on PILOT agreements, please visit: 

Dutchess County Policy:
Dutchess County's Solar PILOT policy can be found here. As part of the County’s policy, via Legislative Resolution, the County will only demand a PILOT if one of the other taxing authorities (i.e. town, village, or school district) also desires a PILOT.   

Contact DC Planning for More Information:
We have recently observed that notices from solar energy system owners and developers have been inconsistently sent to various Dutchess County departments (e.g. Planning and Development, Finance, Real Property Tax, Public Works, etc.), making it difficult to keep track of them.  All notices regarding potential solar energy systems development should be sent to the Commissioner of Planning and Development at