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Numerous arrests made during protest in the Town of Dover

Published: 11/18/2019

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Captain John Watterson

The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police report the arrests of twenty-nine (29) people on 11/16/19 as the result of a protest at the Crickett Valley Energy facility on Route 22 in the Town of Dover.

During the early morning hours of 11/16/19, a large group of protesters gained access to the facility grounds, with most of the group blocking the entrance while a smaller group climbed up onto smoke stacks on the property. The protesters’ actions resulted in a large law enforcement response from both agencies, at which time arrangements were made to remove the protesters from the private property. As a result, twenty-nine (29) of the protesters refused to follow dispersal orders and were subsequently taken into custody at the scene.

After being processed all of those arrested were released on appearance tickets returnable to the Town of Dover Court. The subjects charged with Criminal Trespass are accused of climbing onto the smoke stacks, and those charged with Trespass are accused of blocking the entrance while trespassing on private property.

The identities of those charged are listed below. The Sheriff’s Office and State Police were assisted by the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response and Mobile Life, and there were no injuries to anyone involved. As with any case, the charges described are merely accusations and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Individuals charged with Criminal Trespass (misdemeanor)

  1. Benjamin F. Schwartz, age 42
  2. Monica D. Hunken, age 38
  3. George M. Elliot, age 20
  4. Christopher L. Iversen, age 53

Individuals charged with Trespass (violation)

  1. Amanda Sisenstein, age 38
  2. Valerie Hahn, age 50
  3. Janet Apuzzo, age 53
  4. Gabriel Reichler, age 21
  5. Jonathan Keller, age 67
  6. Dinala A. Wrightman, age 70
  7. Mark A. Dunlea, age 65
  8. Kim A. Fraczek, age 44
  9. Alyson K. Halpert, age 28
  10. Thomas Ross, age 62
  11. Kristie Schmidt, age 59
  12. Lewis E. Chiu, age 44
  13. David Y. Esposito, age 38
  14. Lucinda J. Caroll, age 18
  15. Nancy Nguyen, age 25
  16. William A. Kish, age 54
  17. Melissa A. Hoffmann, age 20
  18. Laurie D. Cotter, age 63
  19. Robert H. Friedman, age 30
  20. Maggie R.Berke, age 21
  21. James E. Gordon, age 61
  22. Sandra L. Radoff, age 68
  23. Margaret A. Lewis, age 77
  24. Jeanne L. Bergman, age 62
  25. Susan M. Bloom, age 59