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Planning for Pleasant Valley Demonstrations Underway

Published: 7/16/2020

For More Information Contact:

Captain John Watterson, 845-486-3860 

Sheriff Anderson announces that law enforcement is aware of the two (2) potential planned demonstrations in the Town of Pleasant Valley this upcoming Saturday 7/18/20. 

The Sheriff’s Office is working diligently in conjunction with the New York State Police, Town and elected officials, the Pleasant Valley Fire Department, and Emergency Response to ensure that the demonstrations are conducted in the safest manner possible while maintaining everyone’s right to free speech. Everyone’s safety is law enforcement’s top priority, and through extensive planning efforts we are confident that law enforcement is fully prepared to respond to any type of situation. The demonstrations will be continuously monitored for their entire duration, and law enforcement personnel will be on hand to promptly deal with any issues when/if they arise. 

Those who live in Pleasant Valley or will be traveling through it should plan for potential short traffic delays during Saturday afternoon. At this time every effort is being made to avoid interfering with travel, specifically on State Route 44, however traffic may be impacted at certain times as circumstances dictate.