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Sheriff’s Office SRO, local student to receive awards

Published: 8/22/2018

For More Information Contact:

Captain John Watterson at 845-486-3860 or
SNYPJOA Executive Director Brian Forte at 518-456-0704 

Dutchess County Sheriff Adrian “Butch” Anderson is proud to announce that Dutchess County Sheriff’s Deputy/School Resource Officer Evan Traudt and Arlington High School student Miss Angela McDevitt have both been selected to receive awards from the State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association (SNYPJOA). Deputy Traudt will be the first-ever recipient of the John F. Cataldi Jr School Resource Officer of the Year award, and Miss McDevitt will receive the Youth of the Year award. Both are scheduled to formally receive the awards during the annual SNYPJOA conference banquet in Binghamton NY on 8/30/18.

Deputy Traudt was selected for the award based on a number of criteria including his overall professionalism and dedication to his role as a School Resource Officer, and Miss McDevitt was selected based on the courage she displayed in the face of a difficult situation earlier this year. In February 2018, Miss McDevitt approached authorities with information that she had about an individual living in Vermont that may be planning a school shooting there. The information then made its way to her school’s SRO, Deputy Traudt, who proceeded to immediately act on it. He worked closely with Vermont authorities and it was determined that the threat was in fact credible, at which time the person was arrested. Had it not been for the actions of Deputy Traudt and Miss McDevitt the situation in Vermont may have ended with very different results, but instead tragedy was avoided and both have been credited with saving numerous lives.

Sheriff Anderson is extremely proud of Deputy Traudt and the work that he has done (and continues to do) as a Deputy Sheriff and School Resource Officer, and is also very proud of Miss McDevitt and her courageous actions. Congratulations to Deputy Evan Traudt and Miss Angela McDevitt from Sheriff Anderson and the entire Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office