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Detective Bureau

The Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau is responsible for: 

  • Investigate all major crimes
  • Process crime scenes & collect forensic evidence
  • Make arrests & execute warrants
  • Assist patrol & other agencies

Crime Scene Technicians

  • Process crime scenes and collect forensic evidence
  • Operate conventional and digital photo lab
  • Maintain evidence section
  • Conduct educational demonstrations

Fire Investigation Team

  • Gather evidence to determine cause and origin of fires
  • Work with the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response investigating the cause and origin of fires
  • Arrest and execute warrants for arson, insurance fraud and other related crimes
  • Conduct programs for youth

Dutchess County Task Forces

Drug Task Forces

  • Conduct major drug investigations
  • Execute search warrants & make arrests
  • Seize drug dealer’s assets

Child Advocacy Center 

  • Investigate cases of child abuse & sexual assault
  • Execute warrants & make arrests
  • Work closely with Child Protective Services

Polygraph Unit

  • Conducts applicant screening exams for pre-employment background investigations.
  • Conducts exams to assist with criminal investigations.